Introducing Chad Woodrow Gerber

Introducing Chad Woodrow Gerber

So I hadn’t heard of this guy before at all but just seeing his name, Chad “Woodrow” Gerber, I was intrigued as to what his sound and style would be. The short bio I was given of him was an interesting read, as it gave me a quick insight into the kind of guy he is. One thing that intrigued me was the fact that he was a guitarist, songwriter, composer, producer and more, showing me he was multi-talented and not just a one trick pony.

Introducing Chad Woodrow Gerber

Introducing Chad Woodrow Gerber

I listened to a song entitled ‘In the Beginning’ and as soon as I heard the opening beats and the guitar kick in, I instantly wanted to hear more. It has a slight edge about it with the different beats throughout the song and it was definitely easy listening. It was nice to hear the guitar being played throughout the track as it added a whole different twist.

Then I listened to ‘Lights in the Sky’ and it felt electric listening to it, it actually had me wanting to get up and dance. The beats are edgy and extremely catchy, making me want to just get lost in the moment.
He has quite a unique outlook and approach to his stuff and considering I had never heard of Chad “Woodrow” Gerber before, I would definitely give more of his stuff a listen for sure. It isn’t the usual music I would pick up off a shelf and listen to, but it has made me think about the wide range of artists we have out there nowadays. I particularly enjoyed his tone, and the guitar.

By Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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