Exorcism by Euroz ft Meek Mill (Review)

Review of Exorcism by Euroz ft Meek Mill

Euroz‘s new single ‘Exorcism’ featuring Meek Mill has all the charm of debut mixtape ‘The Foundation’ which bought attention to him and ultimately a foundation for himself to use.

Review Exorcism by Euroz ft Meek Mill Music Eyz

Review Exorcism by Euroz ft Meek Mill

‘Exorcism’ has all the flow and power we would expect from a fresh, new rapper to the scene but it offers more than just a rap track. The arrangement at the start sounds very much like the intro to his mixtape, however it explodes with deep bass and his showcases Euroz‘s rapping ability. No line is left incomplete or dragged out as he crams in every word under the sun into ‘Exorcism’. Because of this skill his flow is undeniably brilliant and something to look out for in the future.

Talking about drinking, girls, clubs and drugs, Euroz goes through every conventional hip-hop theme in just 4 minutes but every theme links to another and this makes it a story from start to finish.  His vocals and rap style is very reminiscent to Big Sean on ‘Clique’ at times; showing his great ability to become one of Hip-Hops newest stars, there is nothing left out on ‘Exorcism’ at all.

Meek Mill offers a good verse on the single however he doesn’t have the flow and doesn’t manage to compete on the same level as Euroz and although this doesn’t harm the track, without the collaboration it could have been much better. The layers and textures in the song are perfectly balanced with enough snares to counteract the bass, leaving room for Euroz to say what he wants without equaliser troubles. The track is definitely well produced just like his mixtape.

‘Exorcism’ shows all what Euroz has to offer for the table and with a follow up mixtape being released next year, it’s easy to see that Euroz is going to be building a storm in 2013.

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Review by Bally Athwal


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