Dream Big by Mini (Review)

Review of Dream by Mini

Mini is a new up and coming rapper from Birmingham. While Birmingham hasn’t always been the biggest place for underground and grime artists, there have been some successes in the R&B world with MOBO winning act Jamelia rising from the city.

Review of Dream Big by Mini

Review of Dream Big by Mini

Mini could follow in these footsteps, independently releasing a single with his own music label the rapper is very ambitious. Last month he released two tracks one on his SoundCloud called ‘It’s Just Mini’ and the other was his debut single ‘Dream Big’ that got attention from several outlets including SBTV and UrbanVault.

‘Dream Big’ is a very energetic and alive track with electronic synths and a synthetic drum-kit as the backing. It seems very similar to a backing track that artists such as Wiley and Flo Rida would rap over. The song is a grower and it may take a few listens before you start to really appreciate the meaning of it. There is emotion in the lyrics about his struggle and how is eyes are constantly on the dream every artist wants – to crack the music world. Admitting that these lyrics are straight from his heart in the song, it adds another layer of realism and sense of his ambition.

However for me his SoundCloud song which shows his true talent. Using a live and acoustic kit in contrast to the synthesised one in his debut single is a much better move for the rapper. He still talks about his dreams but because the instruments are much more relaxed and mellow, you can actually hear the rawness of his emotions which aren’t covered up by electronic sounds. This mid-tempo song is very similar to the base of ‘Crack Rock’ by Frank Ocean and shows Mini‘s versatility.

Mini should continue to do the mid-tempo tunes to showcase his skills because they give him a chance to shine on the track rather than the instrument. Taking a more Drake/Frank Ocean inspired route to his music will gain him more attention and a bigger fanbase than going the Wiley route. 2013 will be a good year for Mini depending on the next single he chooses to release next from his self-founded record label.

What do you think of Mini? Do you think he will make it big? Let us know by adding a comment here, tweeting @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook wall.

Review by Bally Athwal


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