2012 Music Eyz Awards – The Winners

2012 Music Eyz Awards – The Nominees

This year has been big for a variety of reasons.  The London Olympics, the collapse of major european economies and of course Kat Slater “whodunnit” story line in Eastenders.  It has been quite busy for music and Music Eyz as well.

London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympics

As you may have been aware we announced the nominees for the 2012 Music Eyz Awards last month.  After lengthy deliberation and a few drops of alcohol, we have finally come to our conclusion.  Not on the nominations list as it wasn’t a nomination, but we also announce our Lifetime Achievement Award.  You might like pop and want to see who comes out on top of the war between JLS, The Wanted or One Direction.  Maybe you just love new music and want to see who we picked as best unsigned.  Or maybe you yearn for yesteryear, so check out the winner of best comeback act.

Needless to say the likes of Jay Z, Kendrick Lemar, JLS, Little Mix and Conor Maynard are all in the race.  As are Bat For Lashes, Spector and Rita Ora.

Best Overall Act:

Its been a big year for urban music in general.  Urban acts have streamed in to the charts, it even made an impact on X Factor.  So the only possible winner of the overall act had to be the biggest name in urban music at the moment. The one and only Mr Carter aka Jay Z.

Jay Z Best Overall Act

Jay Z Best Overall Act

1st Jay Z

2nd JLS

3rd Little Mix

Other nominations Rita Ora and Conor Maynard

Best Newcomer

This was a tough one on many levels.  We have a personal stake in one of the nominees, in the shape of Stooshe, after all, we featured them as one to watch on our list for 2012.  However, there is one act that probably deserved it that little bit more.  They were the first group to win the X Factor and since then, dominated the charts with some real pop music.  Little Mix have managed to combine the Spice Girls attitude with real talent.  Well done girls, well deserved winners of Best Newcomers 2012.

Little Mix Best Newcomer

Little Mix Best Newcomer

1st Little Mix

2nd Stooshe

3rd Rita Ora

Other nominations Conor Maynard and Angel

Best Unsigned:

If this award was based purely on the love shown on social networks and to the Music Eyz mail box then there would be only one winner, Summer Azul.  Unfortunately, we believe there is somebody that should just about pip her to the prize.  ShaoDow has been around for a while now and is truly independent, selling his own CDs, pushing his stuff on iTunes and in the whole scheme ot things, producing killer tracks.  ShaoDow you are definitely the 2012 MusicEyz Award winner for Best Unsigned act.

Shaodow winner of Best Unsigned Act

Shaodow winner of Best Unsigned Act

1st ShaoDow

2nd Summer Azul

3rd Genesis Elijah

Other nominations Tina Barrett and Lee Lee

Best Single:

This was a close call.  ‘Call Me Maybe’ was a huge hit for Carly Rae Jepson and is an undoubted pop classic.  However ‘No Church In The Wild’ is a huge track.  It has crossed over Hip Hop, urban and in to mainstream.  Sonically the track is near to perfect and both Jay Z and Kanye combine superbly.  ‘Church In The Wild’ definitely our single of the year.

No Church In the Wild

No Church In the Wild

1st No Church In The Wild – Jay Z and Kanye West

2nd Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

3rd RIP – Rita Ora

Other nominations Titanium – David Guetta ft Sia and Hottest Girl In The World – JLS

Best Album:

There have been some amazing albums this year.  The Mercury Prize are normally pretty hot on their choices and this year was no different.  But for us Django Django gets beaten to the award by the amazing Calvin Harris album ’18 Months’.  Calvin Harris has hit on that winning formula where everything he touches turns in to success.  The album is packed hits from start to finish.

Calvin Harris 18 Months Album of the Year 2012

Calvin Harris 18 Months Album of the Year 2012

1st 18 Months – Calvin Harris

2nd Django Django – Django Django

3rd Ill Manors – Plan B

Other nominations Take The Crown – Robbie Williams and The Haunted Man – Bat For Lashes

Best Video:

The money spent on music videos this year has to be at obscene levels.  But obviously the quality has been very high.  But for us, ‘The Don’ by Nas wins out, it has all the production values of a feature film, incredible for a music video.

1st The Don – Nas

2nd Do You Feel What I Feel – JLS

3rd Diamonds – Rihanna

Other nominations Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj and Shine Ya Light – Rita Ora

Best Pop Band:

This is the category that has millions of teenage girls (and some boys screamining) . It contains the most loyal and extreme fans, whilst at the same time some of the biggest sellers.  Many will be surprised that it isn’t One Direction or The Wanted at the podium to collect the gong.  For us it was a two horse race between X Factor winners Little Mix and former X Factor finalists JLSJLS just win through though.  In our opinion the fact they sell out venues across the nation and managed success with their single and album with limited publicity is incredible.  Also the extensie work the boys do for charity through various means including the JLS Foundation means the 2012 Music Eyz Award Winner for Best Pop Band is JLS.

JLS Win Best Pop Band

JLS Win Best Pop Band

1st JLS

2nd Little Mix

3rd One Direction

Other nominations The Wanted and The Saturdays

Best Pop Solo Male:

This is another fiercely contested category.  Many would think Justin Bieber is a shoe in.  I think I would prefer to give him a shoeing.  For us it is between two, Conor Maynard who was kind enough to have an interview with us and Olly Murs.  Olly just edges it though thanks to his consistency and amazing music.  We also loved his track on the Chris Moyles album.

1st Olly Murs

2nd Conor Maynard

3rd Robbie Williams

Other nominations Justin Bieber and Usher

Best Pop Solo Female:

Whilst Rihanna has been making massive headlines with monster hits and more hair changes most teenage boys change their socks, the winner still has to be Adele.  We may not hear as much from Adele as she adapts to motherhood, but for us Tottenham’s Adele is still the Best Solo Female.

1st Adele

2nd Rihanna

3rd Beyonce

Other nominations Rita Ora and Misha B

Best Pop Single:

So Carly Rae Jepson may have missed out on Best Overall single, but there can only be one winner for best pop single.  ‘Call Me Maybe’ was one of those songs that you couldn’t get out of your head.  But thankfully for the right reason, Carly Rae brought us a genuinely great pop record.

1st Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

2nd Hottest Girl In The World – JLS

3rd Wings – Little Mix

Other nominations Chasing The Sun – The Wanted and Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

Best Urban Act:

1st Jay Z

2nd Plan B

3rd Rita Ora

Other nominations Nicki Minaj and Wiley

Best Rapper:

1st Jay Z

2nd Kendrick Lamar

3rd Rick Ross

Other nominations ShaoDow and Genesis Elijah

Best Urban Single:

1st No Church In The Wild – Jay Z and Kanye West

2nd Three Kings – Rick Ross ft Jay Z and Dr Dre

3rd BullSpit – ShaoDow

Other nominations Recipe – Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre and RIP – Rita Ora

Best Dance Act:

1st Calvin Harris

2nd Chase & Status

3rd DJ Fresh

Other nominations David Guetta and Skrillex

Best Dance Single:

1st Silhouettes – Avicii

2nd Let’s Go – Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo

3rd Bangarang – Skrillex

Other nominations Hot Right Now – DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora and Titanium – David Guetta ft Sia

Avicii Silhouettes Nominated for Best Dance Single

Avicii Silhouettes Winner of Best Dance Single

Best Rock Act:

1st Spector

2nd Rival Sons

3rd Papa Roach

Other nominations Evile and Cerebral Bore

Spector Nominated for Best Rock Act

Spector win the award for Best Rock Act

Best Rock Single:

1st Never Fade Away – Spector

2nd Still Swingin – Papa Roach

3rd Love Interruption – Jack White

Other nominations Bridge Burning – Foo Fighters and Let Yourself Go – Green Day

Still Swingin by Papa Roach Nominated for Best Rock Single

Still Swingin by Papa Roach runner up in award for Best Rock Single

Best Comeback Act:

1st Girls Aloud

2nd Take That

3rd Tina Barrett

Other nominations Spice Girls and Steps

Girls Aloud Nominated for Best Comeback Act

Girls Aloud Win Award for Best Comeback Act

Best Music Related TV Show:

1st The X Factor

2nd MTV Wrap Up

3rd Strictly Come Dancing

Other nominations The Voice and American Idol

X Factor nominated for Best Music TV Show

Rylan performing on X Factor winner of award for Best Music TV Show

Best Radio Show:

Despite being removed from his position as the most influential man on the radio, Chris Moyles the saviour of Radio 1 proves he is still missed.  He runs away with the Music Eyz Award for Best Radio show in 2012.  The airwaves have genuinely not been the same since his departure.  Grimmy, only makes the also rans.

1st Chris Moyles Breakfast Show

2nd MistaJam – 1Xtra

3rd – Charlie Cloth – 1Xtra

Other nominations Radio One Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and Michael & Clara – Kiss

Moyles Breakfast Show Nominated for Radio Show of the Year

Chris Moyles Breakfast Show Winner of Radio Show of the Year

Best Soap:

1st Eastenders

2nd Coronation Street

3rd Hollyoaks

Other nominations Emmerdale and Waterloo Road

Eastenders Nominated for Best Soap

Eastenders named Best Soap for 2012

Best Comedy TV Show:

Friday Night Dinner seems to be one of those shows that only those “in the know” watch.  Well for us, we count ourselves among those privileged few.  We can’t wait for the Christmas special. “OK pus face”

1st Friday Night Dinner

2nd Idiot Abroad 2

3rd Family Guy

Other nominations Red Dwarf X and Celebrity Juice

Friday Night Dinner awarded Best Comedy

Friday Night Dinner awarded Best Comedy

Lifetime Achievement Award

Few artists have moved from artist to writer.  From writer to producer and still maintain credibility to such a huge degree as an artist in a particularly tough niche where image is everything.  The winner of our Lifetime Achievement Award doesn’t come from a privileged background.  He didn’t have major support at the start and he was surrounded by crime.

This American was part of an early movement that helped move Hip Hop from an underground form of music to the mainstream.  However the group he led, did it in the same way as Public Enemy, without compromising on their beliefs and music.

As a producer and entrepreneur he is as current now as he was back in the late 80s early 90s.  He still performs and produces with some of the best in the game.  He is one of the most sought after people to produce a track, with a Hip Hop flavour, and is a dream to collaborate with.

Aside from this, he has a hand in some of the top performers in the world of music at the moment.  He brought to us the likes of Eminem, Snoop Dogg and had a big hand in the direction of 50 Cent.  You guessed it, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is one of the founder fathers of gangsta rap, NWA member and now global producer –

Dr Dre

Dr Dre Wins 2012 Music Eyz Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Dre Wins 2012 Music Eyz Lifetime Achievement Award


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