Exclusive Interview with The Buchanans

Exclusive Interview with The Buchanans

You all know Jay Z, you all know Nas and of course you all know Beyonce.  Well inspired by Dr Dre‘s ‘The Chronic’ The Buchanans are Hip Hop producers that have worked with all of those global stars and many more.  It is with great pleasure that we bring to you, the loyal readers of Music Eyz an interview with the brilliant Jesús Mi Amor and Keyz from The Buchanans.

Interview with The Buchanans

Music Eyz Exclusive interview with The Buchanans

We talk about British acts Chas and Dave and JLS.  We cover collaborations and talk about the new track ‘God’s in the Machine’.

Hello and welcome to Music EyzJesús Mi Amor and Keyz, thanks for talking to us.

Music Eyz: First off, for those that don’t know, tell us all about you and The Buchanans?
Keyz: We are The Buchanans: Writers,Producers, hip hop fanatics.. Music lovers. We’ve produced and written for Jay Z, Dr. Dre, T.I., Lupe Fiasco and Beyonce. Now we are going back to our roots as artists. Jesús Mi Amor is the featured artist. He is one of the founding members of The Buchanans

Music Eyz: So tell us one interesting fact about you that is not widely known
Jesús: We were actually artists before we produced and we have been ghostwriting songs for years

Music Eyz: OK, so you guys have worked with some of the biggest names in urban music.  How did that happen?
Jesús: Actually our first placement was Jay Z ‘What More Can I Say’.. We were working with Lupe Fiasco and he was the one that connected us with Jay. Everything else went from there. Lupe‘s partner Chilly knows everybody.

Music Eyz: So obviously working with so many artists means that aint luck.  What seperates The Buchanans from other producers out there?
Jesús: First off I would say our knowledge of music regardless of genre or era. We are students of the game and we incorporate all off those elements in our production. We mesh samples with live instruments and we go heavy with the drums. A very big sound.

Music Eyz: So you are well known to go against the way music has developed.  Quoted as saying rap has gone pop.  Wouldn’t it have been easier to follow that route?  Why have you gone the way you have?
Jesús: We see music as an art form first. we’ve been immersed in the hip hop culture since kids. It was never about the money it was about the love. I couldn’t imagine us going to the studio everyday making music we didn’t love. As result we took a hiatus and focused on our new project.

Music Eyz: So Keyz, you are pretty handy on the piano.  Where did you learn?
Keyz: We pretty much all are. Myself and Chris play most off the Keys. We are all self taught.

Music Eyz: There is a british act called Chas and Dave, who are old fashioned London act.  They are sometimes seen as a bit of a joke act, but have been used by Eminem.  Have you heard of them?  Would you consider working with somebody like them or sampling them?
Jesús: We’ve sampled everything from Cartoons to Tribal music. A hot sample is a hot sample. period. music is music

London's finest Chas and Dave sampled by Eminem

London’s finest Chas and Dave sampled by Eminem

Music Eyz: So enough about you working with others, tell us about ‘God in the Machine’.  What inspired you to make that joint?
Jesús: Well when music took a turn for the worst we were pretty much stuck. wasnt really inspired to work. We are rappers first and for-most and we always recorded songs here and there. The songs were getting crazier and crazier. We found ourselves running to the studio and staying there for days, with no rhyme or reason. Hence the title ‘God’s In The Machine’ because we cant take credit for what took place. It was magic.

Music Eyz:  Its quite distinctive and contains a fusion of sounds from years gone by, is that your style?
Jesús: We have no real style. We just mess around until something sounds good and we go from there. very organic. nothing forced. It’s our Heavy drums that’s a distinct character in most of our tracks though.

Music Eyz: What can we expect from you in the future?  More tracks? More production credits?
Jesús: Yes Indeed. All of the above. We want to create memorable music for years to come but ‘God’s In The Machine’ is the movement.

Music Eyz: Any plans to come to the UK?
Jesús: Yes indeed. we actually have plans to Live there. I have always said that he’s going to live in the UK for the experience.

Music Eyz: UK music is enjoying a bit of a golden spell in the US at the moment.  Boy bands One Direction and The Wanted are doing particularly well, yet our more urban boy band JLS haven’t had success.  Any views on why? Would you work with them?
Keyz :I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a reason why but yeah we would be willing to collaborate with almost anyone. As so long it is quality music.

Music Eyz: Who has given you the most inspiration to make it in the music industry?
Jesús: From a Rap standpoint it was the old stuff. The Golden era 80’s and 90’s rap inspired us to write. When we first dabbled into production everybody from Rick Rubin, Pete Rock to Dr.Dre. Sonically and conceptually he raised the bar. We strived to be like that. A producer as opposed to just a beat maker. Quincy Jones type

Music Eyz: Being in music isn’t as easy as most people think.  What sacrifices have you had to make and what does success mean to you?
Jesús: It’s not easy. Long Long hours in the studio. You are basically going off of faith there are no guarantees in this game. You really have to believe in yourself. It can make being in a relationship difficult. We placed all our eggs in one basket and thankfully it paid off.

Music Eyz: Who would you most like to work with who you haven’t so far?
Jesús: Aww man. Eminem, Adele, Andre 3k, Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T … We just want to work with legends and new artists alike. Keep a nice balance.. Prince and Stevie Wonder would be nice

The Buchanans would love to collaborate with Prince

The Buchanans would love to collaborate with Prince

Music Eyz: What advice would you give to anybody trying to break in to the music scene?
Keyz: I would say master your craft. Don’t take shortcuts. Master it. Be so good that they cant tell you no. and network constantly

Music Eyz: Any last words you want to say to the readers of Music Eyz?
Keyz: Just keep and eye out for ‘God’s in The Machine’..feat Jesús Mi Amor. It’s the best music of our lives.

Music EyzJesús and Keyz, thanks once again for taking the time to speak to us.

Check out the making of the Video for ‘Gods In The Machine’


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