X Factor Style Wars Scherzy vs Tulisa

The X Factor Style Wars – Nicole Scherzinger Vs Tulisa Contostavlos

Whilst the ratings of this year’s X Factor may not have been as high as previous years.  There has been controversy over some of the acts, not least Rylan and Christopher Maloney.  There is one debate that is constant.  Who has won in the style battle? Last years winning mentor Tulisa? Or the new girl on the block, Nicole Scherzy?

We couldn’t answer the question, so we got some expert help from friend of Music Eyz, model and fashionista and Mrs HeskeyChantelle Tagoe.

Nicole and Tulisa Style Wars

Nicole and Tulisa Style Wars

When it comes to the Scherzy vs Tulisa war, there’s only ever gonna be one winner. Can you guess who that is?

I like Tulisa and everything, I think she’s real, she’s feisty, she’s a pretty girl, but she just cant seem to get it right.

Week after week after week, Nicole has exploded through those X Factor doors lookin’ H.O.T!!! Even if Tulisa has the prettiest, sexiest outfit, it just never seems to look good on her.

X Factor Style Wars Scherzy vs Tulisa

X Factor Style Wars Scherzy vs Tulisa

There’s always an awkwardness about her. She looks stiff and terrified while Nicole looks a picture of confidence and oozes sex appeal left right and centre.

Tulisa definitely needs to relax a bit more and just enjoy the whole situation she has somehow got herself into, lol!

She also needs to sack her stylist because they just don’t seem to understand what suits Tulisa‘s personality.

Who is hotter Scherzy or Tulisa?

Who is hotter Scherzy or Tulisa?

If her dress is nice, then her hair is wrong…… If the hair is looking amazing, her outfit is dreadful…… If the outfit and the hair are OK, then her make up looks like they’ve done it in the dark!

They need to remember Tulisa is young and not to dress her as though she’s raided her grandmothers wardrobe. And stop with that side pony tail for God’s sake!!

Tulisa has quite a rounded face so you cant have masses of hair over her shoulders all the time. She looks drowned and her neck disappears. Especially if she is wearing a high neck dress or long sleeves.

Can Tulisa keep up with Scherzy in the Style Wars?

Can Tulisa keep up with Scherzy in the Style Wars?

Not one week have I looked at Tulisa and thought ‘WOW she is stunning tonight from head to toe!’. But each week I think exactly that when Nicole appears from behind those doors.

Cheryl Cole looked amazing when she was a judge as well. I suppose you either have it or you don’t.

My verdict…… Tulisa, you’re doing great as a judge but you just need to enjoy the moment and believe in yourself a bit more. Your nerves definitely show and maybe that’s what’s missing when you get on that stage!

Please sack your stylist and let me have a go! I’ll have you looking like the English Rose we all wanted you to become so badly!

By Chantelle Tagoe

Chantelle Tagoe Judges X Factor Style Wars Scherzy vs Tulisa

Chantelle Tagoe Judges X Factor Style Wars Scherzy vs Tulisa

Chantelle Tagoe is a model, TV Presenter and wife to ex-England footballer Emile Heskey.  She also founded the charity One Goal Foundation and is a patron of UNCHOSEN the anti human trafficking charity.


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