Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine (Review)

Review of Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine

It’s been 2 years since the release of Bullet For My Valentine’s last album ‘Poison’ and having been hard at work touring and writing it’s finally time for fans to hear the fruits of their labour with the release of the first single from their fourth album ‘Temper Temper’. ‘Temper Temper’ begins in customary fashion for Bullet with thrashy twin lead guitars harmonising together over a mist of cymbals building in to quite an understated verse section.

Review of Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine

Review of Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine

The guys appear to have sacrificed heaviness and technicality for a more simpler approach, it seems to lack the intensity and impact of previous material opting for a more laid-back build up. Once the chorus kicks in it becomes very clear this is a song very much aimed towards a live audience with it’s catchy singalong chorus and stomping beat it’s sure to get the kids bouncing up and down.

Shying away from their earlier more emotive songs ‘Temper Temper’ feels a lot lighter and less serious showing a band who are perhaps breaking the shackles a little and just writing a fun, fist-pumping, head banging tune. It’s a song that will no doubt divide the purists. Some will hark back towards earlier material, which was somewhat darker and heavier. Others will embrace ‘Temper Temper’ for what it is, a no-nonsense ballsy moshpit anthem – simple yet effective!

The video itself is typical fare for modern rock videos these days, a group of people in anger management flipping out at random intervals and generally wrecking the room, I suppose the clue is in the song title really. I don’t particularly feel it adds anything to the song and just serves as a visual accompaniment, a prediction perhaps of how the dancefloor will look when this track is aired in the live arena.

All in all it sees the band progressing on from the ‘Fever’ style rather than returning to their older sound. It’s a song that will certainly go down well in a live atmosphere and will surely have newer fans excited for the release of the fourth full length from the Bullet boys.

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The boys also embark on a UK tour in March, details below
Tuesday 12th March – Birmingham O2 Academy
Wednesday 13th March – Glasgow O2 Academy
Friday 15th March – Manchester O2 Apollo
Sunday 17th March – London Roundhouse

Review by Will Campbell


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