My Life by 50 Cent ft Eminem and Adam Levine (Review)

Review of My Life by 50 Cent ft Eminem and Adam Levine

50 Cent has had some highs and lows in his life and career.  His rap career went a little bit off course for a while, however recently the signs have been encouraging.  So I thought it would be a good time to review his latest single ‘My Life’ whilst donning my signed blue 50 Cent headphones.

Review of My Life by 50 Cent ft Eminem and Adam Levine

Review of My Life by 50 Cent ft Eminem and Adam Levine

Before even listening to ‘My Life’ the track itself has some promise.  Guest appearances from the enigmatic Eminem and less obvious, Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine.  Before we get in to the track itself, recent hints from Maroon 5, suggests a move from ultra pop-rock to slightly more edgy.  After all, Adam now appears on a 50 Cent track and massive hit ‘Payphone’ featured Wiz Khalifa.

The track opens with a slightly operatic singing in the background to a strange quick rap.  This gets quickly enveloped by a relatively simple Hip Hop beat and a quick link to the distinctive voice of Adam Levine.  The introduction of somebody like Levine, shows how much Hip Hop and particularly, 50 Cent, has moved on over the past few years.

50 Cent himself then brings in some of his classic rhyming.  He seems to rap quickly but delivers his verses with some real smoothness, the likes of which the Caramel bunny would dream of.  Eminem delivers a killer verse though and demonstrates why he is still the king of Hip Hop.  He lifts the whole joint up to a new level.

The whole production works really well.  Interscope need to be applauded for putting these three together.  Adam Levine on the chorus is brilliant and makes this a potential mainstream success.  Eminem was in real danger of stealing the whole track, but 50 delivers a good end verse that leaves you in no doubt this is his track.  Although if I am honest, the thing I take from it most is the chorus.

Overall, a well produced track.  50 Cent and Eminem spit some quality rhymes and the whole thing has a Maroon 5 undertone.  This should be big!

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