Crazy by Ornette (Review)

Review:  Ornette – Crazy (Noze  Remix) (Extended Club Version)

A  sure  sign  that  you  have  just  discovered  a  great  track  is  when,  upon  hearing  it,   you  are transported  to  a  magical  place.  Today  I  was  brought  all  the  way  over  to  a   dance  floor  in  an ice­‐hotel  somewhere  in  Europe,  to  a  chilled  venue  lighted  by   colourful  tones of reds, blues, pale yellows  and  hints  of  green.

Review of Crazy by Ornette

Review of Crazy by French artist Ornette

I  am  sat  in  an  alcove  wearing  gloves,  a  floor-­‐length  thick  coat,  and  my  dancing shoes.  My  seat is  fashioned  out  of  a  block  of  ice,  and  drinks  are  automatically   served  on-­‐ice  (there  is  no  other way  for  them  to  be  presented).  The  track  that  has   brought  me  here  is  Noze’s  club  remix  of ‘Crazy’  (by  Ornette),  its  underlying  vibe   warming  my  veins  like  an  extra  large  shot  Jagermeister.

Ornette  is  a  female  artist  of  French  origin,  whose  true  passion  lies  in  Jazz.  This   clearly  comes through  in  the  opening  bars  of  the  track,  where  her  vocals  are  used   in  a  Belleville  Rendezvous style,  her  harmonising  tone  forming  the  melody  over   the  beat,  like  a  chorus  of  owls  singing  in the  grand  hall  of  a  monastery.  This  sound  is  used  for  the  duration  of  the  track  and  is  the  part (in  addition  to  the   voice)  that  gives  this  song  its  mesmerising  quality.  Hints  of  Vanessa  Paradis can   be  heard  in  the  inflections  of  Ornette’s  voice,  although  this  is  due  more  to  the   origin  of both  artists  than  it  is  any  form  of  emulation.

The   arrangement   laid   down   by   Noze   carries   the   groove   of  ‘Crazy’.   There   is   a   conscious use  of  percussion,  placed  in  the  right  places  and  giving  encouragement   to  the  shy  hip swinger; a gentle  electronic  flute  sound  which  is  typical  of  the   French  style;  and  a  mid  range tempo, one that offers  you  the  perfect  opportunity  to   either   gracefully   hit   the   dance   floor   or to stay   in   your   seat,   tapping   your   dressed-­‐up  foot  in  time  to  the  beat.

I have  chosen  the  latter.  In a place as chilled as this one needs to ensure that she remains coolheaded. This  track  is  cooked-­‐up  to  perfection, ensuring that my desired level of respect and appreciation is easily displayed in the minimal of ways.

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Review by  Joanne  St.Clair


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