Cmon Let Me Ride by Skylar Grey ft Eminem (Review)

Review of Cmon Let Me Ride by Skylar Grey ft Eminem

You may remember back at the start of November we brought the news that Skylar Grey was getting help on her debut album from Eminem.  Well the first track from that is ‘Cmon Let Me Ride’ an upbeat pop song with a bit of an edge.  Skylar known for penning some of ‘Love The Way You Lie’ the huge Eminem hit with Rihanna, as promised, shows off a completely different side to her in this one.

First off ‘Cmon Let Me Ride’ is not serious in any way.  The style of singing is really quite upbeat, almost childlike.  The lyrics video that is out at the moment backs that up with hugely vibrant colours and images, although expect that to change with the genuine release video.  What strikes you about the track is the fact that she has managed to get a great pop song and match it with some bellowing Hip Hop style bass. Imagine Disney Princess meets Seven and you get the idea. It shouldn’t work, but it only bloody does.

Skylar is undoubtedly a talented songwriter, but she is also a really good singer.  The style of her vocal on this number gives me the impression of a talented Cher Lloyd.  Don’t dwell on that comparison for too long, as Skylar Grey is in a completely different league.

There is not much more to say about this.  It is a real frenetic, upbeat, definite chart friendly track that deserves huge success.  Skylar deserves an accolade for managing to get Eminem to guest rap on it too.  Although he won’t be putting those down in his best lyrics ever.

There is nothing I really don’t like about this. I love the little innuendos, some of the more obvious lyrics. Damn I even love the little reggae “I wanna ride my bicycle” moments.  It is freezing outside, in fact probably -5, but this tune brings a bit of sunshine to the UK.  Shame it isn’t released in summer.  If it was, I think Skylar Grey would have a number one on her hands.

Let us know what you think of the new Skylar Grey track.  Simply add a comment below, tweet us @MusicEyz or post on the Music Eyz Facebook Wall.


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