To Be Real by Jain Wells (Album Review)

Review of To Be Real by Jain Wells

Jain Wells is a bit different from the usual artists that we get to review at Music Eyz.  Not because she is a London-based, Canadian but because Jain is also a fully qualified psychologist.  Obviously the positivity we may or may not contain within this review is nothing to do with the other profession of Jain Wells.  Its contents definitely don’t have anything to do with a fear that Jain may analyse the contents and provide a synopsis of us.

Review of To Be Real by Jain Wells

Review of debut album To Be Real by Jain Wells

All joking aside, when listening to the album you can tell that there is a little more depth to Jain Wells and her album ‘To Be Real’ than the general music we get to review.  The album sets upon issues such as love, personal challenge and growth.  Potentially a couch session with Jain by the means of recorded music.

‘To Be Real’ has undeniable reflections on the DNA of Jain.  However the professionalism and polished production values are delivered by Greg Fitzgerald, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Kylie and Jessica Simpson, to name but three.  The combination of Wells and Fitzgerald is brilliant and provides the perfect sonic experience, utilising first class production values to the music to enhance the raw talent of Jain.

The album from start to finish is an emotional and powerful collection of songs that females all over the globe will be able to associate with and all males should be able to understand.  Some of the tracks are obviously a reflection or account of her own personal experiences, although the collection is definitely an invitation to seek new perspectives.

‘Tonight’ is the most upbeat song on the album and covers how you feel in the heat of the moment.  The track explores feelings and emotions including sensuality, desire and intuition. As well as being upbeat this is the track where Jain really portrays her passion which borders on inspirational.

Other highlights of the album include ‘Holiday’ which looks at the issues around betrayal and loss. ‘Look in the Mirror’ seems to uncover topics such as insecurity and answers the question with the strength in being ever so slightly self-obsessed (to a healthy level).

Jain Wells experience and background in psychology adds depth and real meaning to the album ‘To Be Real’ and we would encourage you all to take a listen.  Whilst it isn’t an album to set your party going at Christmas, it is one for people that love music that tells a story and contains lyrics from the heart.


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  1. If you are a fan of Jain Wells’ music then you can catch her supporting 2010 X Factor winner Matt Cardle on his ‘Unplugged’ UK tour, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 23 April 2013) in Cork at 7pm, Cyprus Avenue, Caroline Street. The other dates are on her website at

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