An Event for Freedom of Expression

An Event for Freedom of Expression

We get lots of press releases at Music Eyz.  We get lots of requests to cover events. We get lots of PRs asking for coverage.  Regular readers will know we don’t just stick up videos or press releases like many of our competitors do.  However on this occasion we are willing to make an exception.  The guys from Outside-Org sent us this in relation to an event we should all support.  Please read.

Democracy and freedom are being eroded in a multitude of different ways – from people who are wrongly imprisoned, to the media that is increasingly muzzled. As part of these mounting concerns, The Human Rights Foundation is organising a major open-air stadium event next summer in the UK to highlight the Freedom of Expression.

The international and star-studded line-up will draw the world’s attention to the plight of individuals from different countries that have been unfairly persecuted and will focus on the trend towards limiting our freedom of expression. Examples in the press each day are varied:  journalists currently imprisoned in Africa to the Pussy Riot in Russia whose members have been sentenced to hard labor for a political demonstration in the form of a punk prayer.

At a time when there are serious considerations of a radical increase in state control of UK newspapers, we must not forget how crucial journalists are in uncovering corruption and abuse of power. Whilst India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world celebrates a broadening and massively expanding free press, the UK is contemplating possible steps in the other direction.

Thor Halvorssen, founder and CEO of The Human Rights Foundation, says: “I’m thrilled to be working to produce a spectacular event that will draw the world’s attention to the injustices suffered by those whose only crime was to express themselves freely. Our aim is to make a lasting and positive impact in 10 separate cases that perfectly capture how our fragile freedoms are under threat.”

The world faces some big issues related to Freedom of Expression and this event will shine a light on those issues. We’ve assembled the best team:  world leading event promoters, expert publicity teams and leading Human Rights advocates.


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