Review of Frank Turner Gig in Newcastle

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

02 Academy, Newcastle

Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun

Even though this is a sell out show it’s only half full by the time that Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun arrives on stage, for those who didn’t get in, in time you missed a real treat, their blend of country/punk is just what you need to open a show, the set is tight and the harmonies were great and theywere received well by the crowd.

Tim Barry

Tim Barry walks on stage with just his guitar, starts off with a little antidote of having Frank support him in America and then having to following him after he ripped the stage up night after night, and at least he is on first on this tour! Tim has nothing to worry about, by the end of his opening song; he has the audience’s attention. Tim’s set is one of the rawest performances that I have seen in some time, he delivers each song with sweat and guts, but it’s not surprising when you find out that this guy rides freight trains to meet interesting people and then writes songs on his experiences, so when he says that he ain’t afraid to die, you believe it!, please go and check this guy out if you get the chance.

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls

Opening with ‘If ever I stray’ gets the crowd instantly singing and clapping along and this never fades, the crowd participates throughout the set, whether it is singing, dancing or clapping, when Frank thanks the biggest backing vocals ever, the crowd, he isn’t joking. The next hour is relentless and Frank and the Sleeping Souls are on top form creating a great energetic atmosphere. All the favourites are there ‘I knew Prufrock before he got famous’, ‘The Road’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Substitute’ and the beautifully penned ‘Long live the Queen’, which is delivered which such passion; everyone is hoarse from singing along.

Review Frank Turner Newcastle Gig

Frank Turner puts on a show the Geordie crowd love

The new songs go down a storm ‘Where for art thou Gene Simmons‘ is a dig at Gene Simmons bragging about 4200 odd women that he has slept with but one of the highlights of the set is also surprisingly a new song ‘Four simple words’ which needs some crowd participation, a dancing competition! Apparently Reading are in the lead with Nottingham a close second, the crowd take on the challenge with relish, this is an interlude where the song slows down, so that Frank can build up to the final dance off, a circle pit opens up and while the crowd is waiting for the song to kick in, people are seen waltzing in the middle! When the song does kick in, there are limbs flying everywhere, suffice to say, Newcastle beat Reading!

The encore opens with ‘Eulogy’ and straight into ‘Peggy sings the blues’ which is about his memories of him drinking whiskey and playing cards with his gran, the crowd sing every word. I didn’t think the front could get any worse after the dance off but I was wrong ‘Photosynthesis’ gets the whole place off their feet including the balcony, but there is no time to breathe as Frank rips into a punk’d up version of ‘Dan’s song’ which see’s Frank stage dive and crowd surf until he is completely absorbed by the crowd, all you see is a hand still clutching the microphone as if it’s his lifeline, Frank finally make’s it back to the stage, shirt ripped and breathless but still manages to finish the song.

Whether Frank is playing small venue or Wembley this guy gives it his all.

If you were at the Newcastle gig, let us know what you think.  Also, don’t forget to check out the interview Lloz had with Frank before this gig

Review by Lorraine Littlechild


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