Butcher Babies Sign With Century Media Records

Butcher Babies Sign With Century Media Records

Butcher Babies, the blood-splattered horror inspired metal band from LA have just signed with Century Media Records. This follows on from their UK summer tour of the UK including the Download festival and shows with Fozzy, Ugly Kid Joe & Anthrax. The band – vocalists Harvey and Shepherd, guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chris Warner – will be performing with labelmates In This Moment tonight in Las Vegas.

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies Sign With Century Media Records

The Butcher Babies‘ track ‘Axe Wound’ is currently in rotation on the US’ Sirius XM Liquid Metal, and their short movie/video of the track ‘Mr. Slowdeath’ can be watched here:

Fronted by Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd – named two of the year’s “Hottest Women In Rock” by Revolver Magazine they have also started to develop the tag “Slut Metal” as Carla and Heidi tend to perform in not much more than thongs and a bit of gaffer tape. This may be drawing the crowds at the moment but longer term may mean that the band are remembered more for this than their music. They aren’t bad either – with great riffs and strong vocals and already starting to draw a growing fan base. I like creative videos and was lucky enough to review the fantastic video release of ‘Flaws’ by Bastille earlier this year. ‘Mr Slowdeath’ is a pretty cool video too with a slow chilling horror flick opening before the song itself springs out and kicks
you where it hurts. Expect to hear more from this band – but lets hope that they don’t end up just being a novelty rock act because of the shock tactics of the leading ladies.

By Doug Duffin


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