Review of The Killers Gig at the O2 Arena, London

The Killers Live at The O2 Arena London

The Killers are a band that I have wanted to see for many years and when the time finally came on their first night at the O2 Arena on the 16th November 2012, they did not disappoint. Feeling a bit apprehensive after the previous two cancellations of the Manchester shows, I went in with an open mind and not to be disappointed should the show have to be cancelled again. But, my expectations were well and truly exceeded.

Review of The Killers Live at O2 Arena

Review of The Killers Live at O2 Arenasmile liek you 

Kicking off with some crowd favourites, ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ and ‘Somebody Told Me’, they began the show as they meant to go on. With Brandon Flowers’ voice holding well (you wouldn’t even have known he’d had a sore throat two days previously) they powered through a set of well known songs and tracks from the New Album ‘Battleborn’.

Two stand out moments had to be the unexpected cover of Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ and the eagerly awaited ‘Mr. Brightside’. The crowd atmosphere at these points was electric and you’d struggle to hear Flowers vocals over the energy and singing of the crowd.

Another high point for me was seeing just how humbled the band are by their success, mentioning how they’ve gone from playing to 1500/2000 people in 2003 to playing arenas like The O2 and the recently announced Wembley stadium date next June.

As a big show, there was the obligatory pyrotechnics, with lasers, fireworks and also confetti distributed onto the crowd, but it all added to the atmosphere of a great night of music and tastefully done to suit the rhythm and feel of the setlist. Also, a huge screen was mounted behind the band where shots of the audience were projected at random points of the concert providing instant crowd pleasing moments and gave the feel of interaction between the band and the audience. Flowers also took the time to run along the front of the crowd to shake hands and interact, always an appreciated gesture in gig crowds!

Overall, The Killers provided a set to please everyone, put on a fantastic show and moved on from the cancellations, Flowers even joking that he managed to get through the show. An immense atmosphere throughout the evening and a show I’ve waited for, for so long and lived up to my expectations and more.
If you haven’t seen them, a Killers gig is a must in any music fans diary!

Review by Nicky Pennycook


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