Dappy Forced Tulisa To Go Solo

Dappy “Forced” Tulisa to go Solo

Tulisa has revealed that cousin and N-Dubz band member, Dappy, pressured her to go solo.

She said: “I didn’t want to go solo, it was Dappy that wanted to go solo, I was forced into it. I remember at the time, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’ because I wanted to be in a group and I wanted it to be like N-Dubz when we were 16 years old and we all got on so well and everything was great. I miss it, I miss it so much, every time I’m on stage.

Dappy forced Tulisa to go Solo

Dappy forced Tulisa to go Solo

In one of Grimmy‘s early shows, he had Tulisa playing his feature “Call or Delete”.  Part of a prank call that Tulisa made was outlining that she didn’t really want to go solo.  At the time it seemed a bit of fun, but it did feel a little loaded with the truth.

However, the X Factor judge and mentor is sure the group will get back together soon, as the bond between them runs so deep. She added: “People don’t realise how young we were when we got together and how long we were grafting for. You can Google the pictures of us at 11 years old in the studio and we look like little babies.

“It’s just something untouchable when something has happened far that many years and we’ve been on our journey together, and into our 20s still in a group, to then selling out arenas. It’s a bizarre thing for us.”  The success (or lack of) of the three members during their solo careers probably also indicates we can expect a reunion for N-Dubz.

Tulisa‘s debut solo album, ‘The Female Boss’, is out on November 26.


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