Origin of Love by Mika (Review)

Review of Origin of Love by MIKA

MIKA’s new single ‘Origin of Love’, to be released on the 3rd December, is the third single to be released from his album of the same name. A quirky, up-tempo track but with underlying themes linking back to religion, particularly Adam and Eve.

 Origins of Love by Mika

Review of Origins of Love by Mika

Bursting onto the scene in 2007 with ‘Grace Kelly’, nothing from MIKA has seemed to live up to that since. This new track provides us with something that may not be of the same calibre, but a seemingly relaxed feel and is distinguishable to MIKA, particularly through his vocal capabilities. Lyrically, it appears very anti-religion, which to some could appear slightly controversial, but reflects his own feelings particularly relating to his own sexuality.

Religion and the church themes feature heavily and have clearly played a big influence, more evidently towards the end of the track when the vocals are only that of a church like choir, something that will not be of everyone’s tastes but fits in well with the feel of the track.

Opening with a funky, disco like piano section before launching into a choral type sound with the beginning verse. Although quite catchy, it soon becomes quite repetitive and the track doesn’t really seem to go anywhere, providing quite an average listen and nothing that memorable. To some, the song will seem to be a
declaration of love, from MIKA to his partner, and the beauty of it. To others it could appear dull.

It probably won’t gather the same commercial response as some of his previous records but a catchy track all the same. For me it is not a groundbreaking and won’t live up to previous MIKA records, but nor is it a poor one. It’s easy listening before you begin to really think about the lyrics, and a good staple for all MIKA fans
however, I don’t believe it will be setting the charts alight any time soon.

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Review by Nicky Pennycock


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