Underground King by Genesis Elijah (Review)

Review of Underground King by Genesis Elijah

We have been speaking on and off to Genesis Elijah for quite some time.  Very few Hip Hop artists have caught our imagination quite like this guy.  In fact, Genesis Elijah is one of the stand-out rappers on the UK Hip Hop scene at the moment.  He has deliberately not sought a major label deal and does most of his stuff himself.

Review of Underground King by Genesis Elijah

Review of Underground King by Genesis Elijah

Well that’s all very noble but what is his music like.  First off, if you are purely in to the chart stuff that is out there now Genesis Elijah is probably not for you.  As the title of the track suggests he is real underground.  ‘Underground King’ is the latest track from Genesis Elijah and personally I would rank it among his best.

What strikes you from the outset is the spooky off-key piano which opens the track.  The heavy beat then kicks in providing a kind of Mobb Deep or Wu Tang flavour.  The way Genesis spits his rhymes has a raw edge completely untainted by commercial influences.  The lyrics are hard in this track, talking about what he is really like, avoiding the industry and the reaction he gets as a consequence.  He also rhymes about his Twitter activity and how that differs.

If you were to dissect the lyrics and you didn’t know the background, you might feel that Genesis is a bit cynical and negative and question why is he even doing this.  But rest assured, whilst his lyrics do have cynicism in them, they are placed and directed towards the people that make the industry but are also as guilty of making it such a sterile place.

For me this track has the whole package, good production on the music, well delivered rhymes in a distinctive style and a message that tells a lot about the industry.  If you don’t know Genesis Elijah, take a listen to this track and check out some of his previous joints.  He is real and really representing UK Hip Hop.

Listen to ‘Underground King’ and watch the video below.  Let us know what you think by adding a comment here, Tweeting us @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook Page.


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