The Fallout by Crown The Empire (Review)

Review Crown The Empire Album ‘The Fallout’

Having signed with Rise Records this new up-and-coming post-hardcore band, Crown The Empire, release their first album “The Fallout” on the 19th November. This follows on from a successful EP release last November ‘Limitless’. With a forthcoming tour being planned that their debut album will really springboard them forward to success as they move into the new year.

The Fallout by Crown The Empire

The Fallout by Crown The Empire

They have also posted a song from the album so that those that don’t know them yet can get a taste of their sound. Check out ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ here: One of their strengths that you can see from this track is that unlike a lot of other bands in the hardcore / electronica genre they don’t over abuse the electronica sound. Nice clean vocals and breakdowns brings the track together really well.

Whilst the band’s PR from Rise Records is that ‘the band set out with a goal to separate themselves in a genre often cluttered with copy-cat bands’ you can’t help but think that they sound very similar to electronic-hardcore veterans Enter Shikari. That’s not a bad thing – this band from Dallas Texas only formed in 2010 – but rather a compliment to the quality of what they are producing. But please don’t kid yourselves guys that you are totally unique. Having said that, having a similar sound to the likes of Enter Shikari and I See Stars whilst also putting together quality tracks like ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ where the vocals and punchy music work really well together is going to attract to them a ready-made fan base.

‘The Fallout’ was produced by Joey Sturgis (Of Mice & Men, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!) and it is telling that the Youtube video for ‘Memories of a Broken Heart’ was only released on 8th November and at the time of writing has already had 55,000 views. You cannot but expect this to be a successful debut album.

Review by Doug Duffin


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