Take It by LL Cool J ft Joe (Review)

Review of Take It by LL Cool J

When you think Hip Hop and talk the history, one of the names that is certain to come up whether you’re a fan or not is LL Cool J.  From heavy rap tracks like ‘Momma Said Knock You Out’ and ‘Rock The Bells’ through to the softer ‘I Need Love’ LL Cool J has created a bible of Hip Hop.

Review of Take It by LL Cool J

Review of Take It the new single from LL Cool J

However, LL Cool J has not really been hitting those heights of late.  ‘Take It’ is from the forthcoming album ‘Authentic Hip Hop’ but is it the real Hip Hop the album title suggests or the slightly twee RnB fusion he has been known for.

As soon as the track starts, the beat kicks in and a slightly annoying high pitched bell (I think) kicks in.  All the signs are that this isn’t going to be the real old school LL Cool J.  As LL rhymes kick in, there is no doubt his silky smooth style is here.  He is one of the few rappers that give you that feeling of sucking a Strepsil, he is so smooth, you think he would be able to cure the worse sore throat.

Joe‘s singing is as you would expect and adds a good flavour to the tune. Sadly, this track is more late 90s/early 2000’s LL Cool J and not the authentic Hip Hop his album suggests.  It is a bit overly smooth.  Its a bit too RnB pop and although LL‘s rhymes are delivered well, the content is a bit cliched and been done before.

We are looking foeward to hearing the album.  We just hope it isn’t full of this type of track and more along the ‘Rock The Bells’ flavour.

What do you think of this latest LL Cool J track? Think we were harsh and this is classic LL Cool J? Let us know by adding a comment here, tweeting us @MusicEyz or posting to the Music Eyz Facebook page.


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