Katy Perry to Celebrate Birthday at White House

Katy Perry to Celebrate Her Next Birthday at White House With the Obama Family

Katy Perry The ‘Part of Me’ songstress recently celebrated turning 28 with a civilised date with recently re-elected US president Barack Obama‘s wife Michelle.

Katy Perry  has been a massive supporter of the Barack Obama and performed at some of his rallies ahead of this years presidential vote she has spoken about how she hopes to continue her close relationship with the Obamas.

Katy Perry Performs at Obama Fundraiser

Katy Perry Performs at Obama Fundraiser

The stunning star even joked a birthday in the White House could be on the cards.

Katy said: “I was able to be part of a charity lunch with Michelle Obama and I felt super proud. I thought ‘This is an adult birthday! This is different than the other ones!’ So I was very pleased. I don’t know [how I’m going to top that next year.]

She added with a wink: “Throw a bash at the White House?”

Perry has been largely out of the spotlight of late, having released her concert film ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ earlier this year and following her split from husband Russell Brand.

Katy went on to say “I’ve been taking a little time off, but my wheels are still turning as far as music goes. I think it’s nice to have life experience in between records so I can have a little more to say when I come back for the next one. So I’m experiencing right now!”


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