Review of Nicki Minaj Gig in Cardiff

Review of Nicki Minaj Gig in Cardiff

So, I went to see Nicki Minaj in Cardiff (waits for the laughter to subside). Okay it was never really going to be the gig of the century, but for the sold out crowd at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, they’d beg to differ.

Things I learned at the show (it’s a show, not so much a gig or concert because that would infer live music… which technically isn’t true) – her fans are called “Barbs”, and also, well, err, that’s about it… aside from realising how young some of these barbs are – one who she spoke to the stage from was just 6 years old. I might get back to that little nugget later in this review.

Nicki Minaj Cardiff Gig Review

Review of Nicki Minaj Cardiff Gig

The show itself was much as expected, lots of colour, no live band, just backing track and DJ, and Nicki herself. This may do the entire show a disservice, as for some it was truly a magical night – for me, not so magical, but I can see why she’s popular. Big songs like ‘Starships’, ‘Pound the Alarm’, ‘Moment 4 Life’ and ‘Super Bass’ are just some of the reason for her success over the past two years. She’s also quite likeable, a bit Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but with a brash hip-hop style.

It was, an experience, let’s just say. She is to music, what WWE is to the Olympics. That’s not a bad thing, there’s a market for everyone. Music isn’t something you can say what is, and what isn’t. Although, going back to an earlier point, her fans are quite younger, maybe younger than she realises. As an introduction into hiphop, you could call it bubblegum-hop (see what I did there), she’s aimed at a young audience and they lapped it up. Catchy, and bouncy… and that’s just Nicki Minaj (where’s the comedy snare when you need it)

Now for those who wonder why I went when I wasn’t really a massive fan – and in all honesty not much has changed, this is why; because I could. Curiosity often gets the better of me to see some acts, and as I can, I do. Yes, I did pay to see her so this review is based on me spending my hard earned (yes, I know I paid money, it wasn’t a freebie), and no I probably wouldn’t want to see her live again, unless she was supporting
someone else, or if it was free.

Catchy, bubblegum-hop presented in a neat commercially respectable package – just wonder how those contestants on American Idol will cope next year.

Review by Patrick Downes


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