Pop by Wretch 32 (Review)

Review of Pop by Wretch 32

After Wretch 32‘s commercial success, it seems that the public now acknowledge and refer him as a pop-star rather than the grime artist he used to be. This was strengthened earlier this year when his collaboration on a Cheryl song was received positively by pop music critics and fans of the singer alike. After this boost in profile we find the rapper angered in new single ‘Pop’ from his upcoming studio album.

Review of Pop of Wretch 32

Review of Pop of Wretch 32

‘Pop’ starts off with an extraordinary display from Wretch with him spitting out as many bars possible within 5 seconds. Following he demonically chants ‘Pop’ before he homes in on the first verse. The song samples Kano‘s ‘P’s and Q’s’ but the rapper turns it into something new and original with the use of a clever reggae spin.

The very dark melody and hook behind the song is where it’s biggest feature lie, the instrumental is almost a blank canvas open enough for a grime artist to use all the way to a pop artist to use as darker material. However with this clever choice in hand Wretch raps about how he isn’t a pop star too blatantly and this takes away some quality of the song when compared to previous single “Don’t Go”. Not only this but the heavy baseline and strongly emphasised, reverbed vocals are reminiscent of Tinie Tempah. While the reggae spin adds something new to the formula we’ve seen it already on ‘Pass Out’ which will give a Deja Vu sense to listeners.

Despite this though his real emotion and motives behind the song are what pull it through as we can get a sense of what he truly feels which recently is a hard feat to accomplish against electronic/heavy beats. Overall the song isn’t bad, but the rapper doesn’t come back with a bang, he comes back a pop and slight sizzle.

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