The Difficult Second Album by Chris Moyles (Album Review)

Review of The Difficult Second Album by Chris Moyles

Week day mornings will never be quite the same.  An English institution left his rightful place as the king of the airwaves recently.  After years of speculation an emotional statement was read on air by Chris Moyles himself.  Some how, as sad as it was, it didn’t seem to be a shock.  The genuine truth is though, all at Music Eyz have missed his breakfast show.  Grimmy isn’t really the same.

So it seemed fitting that for once we go out and actually part with our hard-earned cash.  We went and bought Chris Moyles album and here is our review.

Review of Chris Moyles Difficult Second Album

Review of Chris Moyles Difficult Second Album

The first thing that hits you about this album is that it is much more polished than the parody album.  The next thing is the appearance of several well known guests, more of that in a mo.  The final thing is, they aren’t all parody songs.  Granted they are all laced with humour, but not parodies.

The album is a collection of individual songs rather than a story telling album, but anybody that listened to Moyles show would expect nothing different.  Each song is there on its merits rather than any fillers, well maybe ‘Track 5 (And a Bit)’ and ‘Track 10 (And a Bit)’ are the exceptions.  The final thing is, you can tell the album was recorded and produced knowing the show was going to end, the language and subject matter are less family friendly than you might expect.

The album starts off with a Pixie Lott led intro, some funny lyrics with a great delivery from Pixie is a suitable intro.

That leads in to track 2, a parody of Rizzle Kicks ‘When I Was a Youngster’ featuring the boys themselves.  The track is quite symbolic really as its called ‘Too Old For This’ the reason why Moyles no longer graces Radio 1.  The battle with Rizzle Kicks is brilliant especially old school Hip Hop references such as “whiggidy whack” and Rizzle Kicks attacks on Moyles hair and his stick.

Track 3 turns one of the nice boys of pop on his head.  Olly Murs effs and jeffs throughout the track, which is a great parody of ‘Dance With Me Tonight’.  Olly mentioned on one of Moyles shows that he recorded the track and was afraid to tell his family.  The song essentially intimates that Olly isn’t as much a goodie goodie as we all think.  The beep machine gets used extensively in ‘Not That Polite’.

Track 4 is a duet with the one and only Gary Barlow OBE.  The parody of ‘Shame’ by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow.  The really well sung track is a story of a slightly obsessive Chris Moyles wanting a “special” relationship with Gary Barlow.  This scares Gary a little, hence the ‘Insane’ tag and title to the track.  Obviously this is all tongue in cheek and Gary and Chris get on really well. Honest. Please tell me I am right Chris.

Track 5, is called ‘Track 5 (And a Bit) is a weird, short track.  The track features Ricky Wilson and one of Moyles‘ heroes Weird Al Yankovic.  This is potentially a bit of a filler but Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky Wilson really adds a surprise to what is essentially a joke track – good on him.

Track 6 features the legend that is Robbie Williams and is a track called ‘I.L.M.P’. Now before we go on, this is definitely one of the tracks that makes you realise Mr Moyles must have known about the departure, it definitely isn’t BBC friendly.  The track sees both Chris and Robbie sing in a Michael Buble style with the unusual subject of their manhoods.  Not a parody but a genuinely funny track, where the personality of both performers shines through.

Track 7 is essentially a tribute to the man James Corden and is surprisingly called ‘Corden‘.  With an appearance from Mr Corden himself the track is a parody of ‘Me and You’ by dance sensation Nero.  Whilst it is expertly put together, I think this is potentially one of the weaker main tracks.  Corden tries to deliver a bit of a rap but it doesn’t quite work.  However in the context of a comedy album, it is still much better than most out there.

‘Pissed (With Pie)’ is the eighth track on the album, a parody of Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Drunk’.  Sheeran features on the track, which is one of my favourites on the album.  Lines such as “Walking into work, I am winning. I wish this room would stop, its bloody spinning” and finishing with “I think I need to sleep” show a great tale of getting more drunk than perhaps you should.

‘Beep Beep’ features the legend that is Roy Walker, from Carpark Catchphrase fame, and lesserly of Mr Chips and Catchphrase.  This sounds like a typical Moyles song with simple rhymes that just seem to click.  Obviously Roy‘s cameo is the highlight though.

After Roy comes ‘Track 10 (And a Bit) featuring somebody called Suzanne. Again a small filler track which is OK, but not much to talk about.

‘Potty Training’ is Track 11 and is a brilliant parody of Wiley‘s ‘Heatwave’.   The song which features MS G from the track is brilliantly put together.  Chris Moyles delivers a Wiley-esque UKG rap, which has fooled a few people in to not realising it was anybody else.  The track as the title suggests is about a small lad being potty trained at home.  Yes some of the language is parental advisory, but we will let them off that.  Great track.

The final track is called ‘Charity Song’ and is an original song but a tongue in cheek stab at the group/collective style charity songs from the likes of Band Aid.  Featuring everybody from the other tracks and special guests Davina McCall and Danny O’Donoghue.  The track features elements such as people thinking they are loaded so shouldn’t be doing charity.

Overall the album is really well put together and funny throughout.  Parts of the album are hilarious and reminds you of why you loved to listen to Chris Moyles on the radio.  It is testament to the man that he has managed to pull such big names on to the album and shows just how highly he was regarded in the world of music.  The best tracks for me are ‘Not That Polite’ with Olly Murs. ‘Pissed (With Pie)’ with Ed Sheeran and ‘Potty Training’ with MS G.

Whilst I miss the genuine mix of mish mashed tracks from the ‘Parody Album’ and the appearance of Dom and Dave etc this is a good second album.  Its a bit of a surprise that it isn’t doing so well in the charts.  However I seem to have missed any promotion of the album and obviously not being on the biggest radio show in the country could hit numbers.

Moyles we salute you.  A good second album and some inspired tracks on the album.


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