I Found You by The Wanted (Review)

Review of I Found You by The Wanted

The Wanted release their new single ‘I Found You’ today.  No doubt they will have hoards of teenage girls snapping it up, tweeting and going mad on Facebook for them.  This is the pull these guys have.  The popularity, in the main goes back to the monster hit ‘Glad You Came’.  The party thumping, electro pop single was really catchy and undeniably a good pop tune.  Sadly its also been a bit of a burden as nothing has quite hit the same level since.

Review of I Found You by The Wanted

Review of I Found You by The Wanted

You have to hand it to The Wanted though, they do things differently to most other boy bands, notably JLS and One Direction.  Firstly, they aren’t successful purely down to image, after all, at least two members appear to have been hit by the big old ugly stick.  On a more serious note, the music is different to the cliché that accompanies the genre.  It is a bit more dance based and does provide a wider appeal than the standard buyer of teen boy band music.

So what is ‘I Found You’ like?  It does go back to the successful nuances of ‘Glad You Came’ which should please a lot of fans.  Probably not completely unexpected either, due to the fact that Steve Mac is back on production duties.  Weirdly thought the boys seem to be stuck on a massive high pitch throughout, almost like they have been left at a kids party after everybody has gone home and decided to have fun with the helium balloons.

The boys sound somewhere stuck between the high tones of JLS hit ‘Hottest Girl in The World’ and a bad Beach Boys tribute act.  What you can say without a shadow of doubt, is that this single is going to be massive. HUGE!!  The single, although not to our taste contains a big pop hook that will get in your head and ensure you sing it over and over again.

The other inspired thing about this? The Wanted have an accordion in the song. Yes an accordion, they are obviously going for an even newer market with that one.

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2 thoughts on “I Found You by The Wanted (Review)

  1. You are really brave putting this review on, most sites are scared of a backlash from labels, PR and their fans. Good on you for an honest review.

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