Skylar Grey Debut Album Gets Eminem Support

Skylar Grey Debut Album Gets Eminem Support

Eminem seems to have finally found a female partner he can count on, if only in the musical sense. Eminem and Skylar Grey have collaborated successfully for quite a while now, resulting in Eminem taking Executive Producer role on her upcoming debut ‘Don’t Look Down’.  The influence of Eminem seems to be rubbing off, as Skylar reveals her first single ‘Cmon Let Me Ride’ shows fans the “less serious” side of her.

Skylar Grey To Release Eminem Produced Debut Album

Skylar Grey To Release Eminem Produced Debut Album

Whilst non-Eminem addicts may be unaware of Skylar Grey, she was instrumental on some of the biggest moments on Eminem‘s ‘Recovery’ album.  She penned ‘Love The Way You Lie’ the hit with Rihanna and worked with him on Slaughterhouse‘s debut.

The Wisconsin native has been working on her album for a few years now, explaining that the oldest song on the album was penned about two years ago, while the most recent one was recorded only last week. One of those new tracks will be the Eminem-featured single ‘Cmon Let Me Ride’, set to debut December 11 with an accompanying video.

“Usually what happens is that I’ll come up with an idea, or I’ll have a piece of a song, and then I’ll go to Detroit and play it for him or play a few different things for him,” Grey said, breaking down the recording process with Em. “If he’s feeling something, he’ll run with it on his own for a while and then we reconvene and see where we’re at.”

“With ‘C’mon Let Me Ride,’ there was a lot of back and forth. The original version of the song, we all really liked the hook, but he suggested that I go back and revisit my verses, which was good. So I did that and brought it back to him, and he added his part, and then he also suggested that I add a bridge of my own. So we were bouncing it back and forth until we got it right.”

Grey says the first single will bring a more fun and sarcastic side of her personality to the table and the video will really paint the full picture. ” ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’ is sarcastic, because I’m making fun of how the media really over-sexualizes everything. That’s where the inspiration comes from,” she explained. “There’s pieces of [the song and video] that are sarcastic, because I’m a very serious person most of the time, but there’s also parts of it that show who I really am versus who a lot of other girls are. It shows the contrast.”

“The whole album is very multifaceted and shows a lot of different sides of my personality; including the more melancholy stuff that people know me better for — but I’m also showing this more fun sarcastic side of my personality that I’ve never shown in my music before, so you get to see all of it.”

Skylar Grey‘s quotes were taken from a recent interview with MTV News.


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