DNA by Little Mix (Review)

Review of DNA by Little Mix

Little Mix are definitely gearing themselves up to be the biggest girl group of this millennium.  They are knocking out number one after number one.  The good thing is, the tracks are all great pop tunes and not just getting to the top spot off the back of a huge show.  These girls have found a winning formula.  Whilst we wish Girls Aloud all the best for their reunion we aren’t sure about their long-term plans and even if they will be able to hit Little Mix popularity at all.

DNA latest single from Little Mix

Review of DNA by Little Mix

Now ‘DNA’ is the new one from the girls which gets released on 11 November.  As the single opens and Perrie is seen in the driving seat I got a little worried.  Whilst her voice is really strong it seems to be a bit overly treated and then some poor chap is sat next to her all tied up.  Weird!

But the single then moves on and the girls jump in to the vocals.  This isn’t for a second to say they rescue Perrie as her voice is amazing, the single just seems to move on.  The repetitive hook is one that will definitely sink in to your cranium and just keep going over an over again.  The music is powerful and gives a real strong feeling to the track.

The video is unmistakably Little Mix but towards the end goes a little gothic and big production as the singing turns to a little more operatic in feel and the thunder and lightning provides a backing track to the girls on top of a tower block.  The track ends with a music box playing, reminding us that they are good girls really.

‘DNA’ may be a bit more grown up in its feel compared to some of their previous releases.  However the story seems to build for the girls and their powerful tracks and changing image almost feels like the resurgence of “Girl Power”

Well done Little Mix, another definite hit.

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