Lacuna Coil at Koko, Camden

Lacuna Coil at Koko Camden

It’s Saturday night in Camden, Lacuna Coil are about to unleash a blistering two hour show to a
packed out crowd in the historic venue Koko.

Review of Lacuna Coil Gig at Koko Camden

Picture of Cristina Scabbia during Lacuna Coil gig in Koko, Camden

The moment that Lacuna Coil stride onto the stage and kick in with ‘I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow’
which is a stunning track of their new album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ they have the crowd eating out of the
palm of their hand and Christina smiles in appreciation and that smile doesn’t leave throughout the
whole set, this is a band that is still enjoying themselves immensely and the band and the crowd feed
off each other with fist pumping energy.

The momentum is continued ripping none stop into another nine songs from rarities like ‘Senzafine’
which is dedicated to the Italians in the crowd to sing along classic ‘Heavens a Lie’ ending the first
electric set with another new track ‘Give Me Something More’ which gets equal crowd participation.

The intermission is an acoustic set of five songs, Christina introduces the set as a thank you to the
fans for their support over the last fifteen years and a chance to give something back and Christina
certainly does that. This is where she shines, with another rare song ‘Falling’ her vocal ability is
outstanding, there is no key drops here, every note is hit, shaming many a stadium filling commercial
artist who cop out by conveniently getting the crowd to sing it for them. Acoustic sets are always a
gamble, it really tests the structure, arrangement and melody of a song but this is one that pays off
with spades, this is the highlight of the show.

The tempo is soon changed with ‘Our Truth’ sounding a hell of a lot heavier live, gets the crowd
jumping around in appreciation and ‘Swamped’ gets the horns up in the air, this is classic Lacuna
Coil and the crowd is loving it and just when you think it can’t get any better ‘Survive’ proves you
wrong, the drumming here is just heart pounding and the foot isn’t taken off the pedal as ‘Trip the
Darkness’ and ‘Spellbound’ go down a storm as well, the closing song ‘My Spirit’ is dedicated to
Pete Steele who was an inspiration to the band, as usual this is met with many respectful cheers from
the crowd and a great way to end a this epic two hour set, that saw a band that has been around for
more than fifteen years sounding tight and fresh and having a ball on stag.

Playing live is where this band thrives.

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