Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora (Review)

Review of Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora

Rita Ora has the aura of some kind of golden child at the moment.  The singer can do little wrong with a string of hits culminating with a guest judge spot on the X Factor this summer.  ‘Shine Ya Light’ is the new single from Rita Ora, but whilst the upbeat pop track is a great release, her video has been grabbing as many headlines.

Review of Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora

Music Eyz Review of Rita Ora’s new single Shine Ya Light

Roc-Nation‘s latest success story Rita Ora returns to her home town Pristina, the capital city of war-torn Kosovo.  Whilst the 21 year old may have moved to England before she can walk, the singer tells of how emotional her return was.  The singer was met with a rapturous standing ovation before her concert in the city to begin the filming.

Billed as a homecoming by the people of Kosova, Rita can be seen riding on the back of a motorbike, getting a police escort and playing with underprivileged children in the city.  So the video is something to behold and definitely different from the norm, but what about the single?

The single has the familiar heavy bassline with upbeat pop music that has become the signature of Rita Ora.  ‘Shine Ya Light’ showcases Rita‘s amazing voice which gets you as a listener believing she is much bigger than pop.  The combination of her voice and music makes you think we have the European Rihanna here.  ‘Shine Ya Light’ is a big tune, with a catchy chorus that is almost anthemic.
The single is much more than a singalong chorus though.  The vocals are well put together and jumps with pace from one style to the next with the heavy bass following along the way. In fact the bass wouldn’t look out of place on a Hip Hop track.  Aside from Rita Ora‘s delivery and the bass the track also throws in a bit of an electronic sound along the way and even an air horn or two.  Maybe Westwood was in the adjoining studio when the track was being recorded.

Whether or not you have liked Rita Ora‘s previous releases, you should definitely take a listen to ‘Shine Ya Light’ it is a big tune, which will no doubt hit heady heights in the charts, following its release on 5th November, 2012.

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