Lose It by Jenn D (Review)

Review of Lose It by Jenn D

Many of you may be completely unaware of Jenn D, but she has recently signed to All Around The World which means a tie-up with Universal.  She has also recorded her debut album utilising the skills of the people behind Wiley‘s resurgence, Kylie and Girls Aloud to name a few.

Review of Jenn D Lose It

Review of debut single from Jenn D Lose It

‘Lose It’ Is the debut single from Jenn D.  Whilst Jenn is positioned as a pop singer, the track to ‘Lose It’ may get you thinking her PR may have got it a little wrong.  There are proper dance elements to the track and the treatment of Jenn D‘s voice would also suggest the track would be very home in a club.

The thing is, that is a compliment.  The track has a catchy pop hook which seems to centre around her shaking her booty and a bit of a shouty “Lose It” which is obviously referring to letting it all go when dancing or partying.  The track is well put together, very loud and busy in parts but Jenn D still manages to come to the forefront.

‘Lose It’ is a great introduction to this exciting new artist, but I somehow think this is just the start and that there is more to come.  Look forward to hearing it soon.

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