Basement Jaxx Headline Back to Basics 21st Birthday

Back to Basics 21st Birthday
The Back to Basics story is almost as important as the story of house music itself.  In November the famous Leeds institution celebrates 21 years of being on the 1’s and 2’s and seeing that its the year 2012 it felt right to split the birthday into 2 parts, part(y) 1 and part(y) 2. 
Every birthday is special, bringing Basics’ famed collection of fans out in force each year, but the 20th was one that will never be forgotten. It was also a final hurrah to Basics’ home of four years, Stinky’s Peephouse, and signaled a shift to monthly parties at The Warehouse with bi-weekly parties at the new intimate venue in Leeds The Garage.
On the first party on the 3rd of November at The Warehouse, Back to Basics presents a special DJ set from Basement Jaxx who played Basics on a debut tour before they blew up into a household name that they have become today. Never forgetting their roots they haves stayed loyal to Back to Basics ever since. So this special act is not be missed with a rare DJ set from Felix and Simon after their worldwide sell out tours. For this prestigious occasion please don your finest clobber as the theme for this night is ‘elegant attire’…think tales of glamour & excess and birthday ball for the more discerning clubber. 
Bassment Jaxx Headline Back To Basics

Bassment Jaxx Headline Back To Basics

The second ‘Back to the Future’ party at The Garage on the 24th of November we will be transporting you to the future, extending the club to four rooms that will be transformed into a post apocalyptic playground and a futuristic dress code so let your imaginations run wild. Again the DJs are close to Basics’s hearts bringing back an old time friend and work colleague, Chicago legend Chez Damier who was one of the first artists on Back to Basics Recordings, Classic boss Luke Solomon, Maurice Fulton, Visonquest‘s Laura Jones, Burnski, Ralph Lawson, Buckley, James Holroyd, Tristan Da Cuhna, Frenchy, Dave Beer plus La Femme Fatale with Jasmin featuring live singer Sarah Story
As for the headliners, given the group’s dance music heritage, they are sure to pull out some incredible records from a range of genres, recalling all moments from the history of dance music and lighting up the crowd as they go so get your dancing shoes on and be prepared for another hedonistic encounter in the history of Back to Basics
As usual all the residents will be on hand to do their trusty house thing at both events, with more acts and surprises to be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned for this momentous occasion!
This will also be your last chance to get filmed for the documentary being made about the club ‘Tales of Glamour & Excess’ telling the full uncensored story of the 21 years of Back to Basics which will be premiered in January 2013 so keep your eyes out!


PART(Y) 1:
The Warehouse – Saturday 3rd November
plus residents 
Ralph Lawson, Buckley, James Holroyd, Tristan Da Cunha, Frenchy, Dave Beer
PART(Y) 2:
The Garage – Saturday 24th November
Chez Damier, Laura Jones, Luke Solomon, Maurice Fulton, Jasmin feat. Sarah Story
plus residents 
Ralph Lawson, Burnski, Buckley, James Holroyd, Tristan Da Cunha, Frenchy, Dave Beer

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