Wanderlust by Limbo Kids (Review)

Limbo Kids Wanderlust EP
Oxford duo Mark Stephenson and  James Hitchman (a.k.a. Limbo Kids) have an EP called ‘Wanderlust’ being released on 12th November.  
After spending recent years on separate projects, the duo re-ignited the partnership last year in their self-proclaimed ‘Limbo Loft’, where they recorded 2 well received demo songs – one of which (‘Heartshots’) was chosen as ‘#1 track by an Oxford artist in 2011’ in a local end of year list by promoter Daisy Rodgers
Wanderlust by Limbo Kids

Review of Wanderlust by Limbo Kids

Limbo Kids combine their love of catchy pop melodies with atmospheric, layered guitar and synths. Groove-based disco and soulful, dreamy emotion are some of the sounds conjured up. The 3 track ‘Wanderlust’ EP has 2 tracks produced by Trophy Wife’s Kit Monteith & Andrew Halford (‘Heartshots’ and ‘Wanderlust’), recorded at Safehouse Studios in Oxford. The title track also includes a guest appearance by Rose Dagul (Rhosyn) on cello, and Ollie Thomas (ex-Ute) on vocals. The 3rd EP track, the self-produced song ‘Desire’ was recorded in Limbo Loft. Limbo Kids have recently been championed as a band to watch out for by Hugo Manuel (Chad Valley, Jonquil).
So whats the EP like? Well, on a seismograph where whale music is a ‘1’ and chillout music a ‘2’ – this EP would hit a ‘3’.  That’s not saying its bad – it certainly isn’t.  But equally, if you have had a long day working and want something to keep you awake – this isn’t it.
The stand out track for me is ‘Wanderlust’ and it really felt to me like the Stone Roses were out there making good music again!  I don’t care how this band might describe themselves there is a definite hint of the Roses in them.  I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that will want to listen to this.  Loved it!
I also liked very much the title track  ‘Heartshots’ and I like this track with the almost 60’s styling with great guitarwork and synths keeping the background beat moving you on. A track that I am going to listen to again and again. 
The third track ‘Desire’ didn’t really do much for me and I could take it or leave it. Again, there were faint hints of the Roses there but not enough to keep me interested.
Overall, a good EP release and would recommend it for the two excellent tracks that make it a good listen.  
Review by Doug Duffin

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