Something New by Girls Aloud (Review)

Review of Something New by Girls Aloud

You may remember we broke the news back in May that Girls Aloud were making a comeback. Well the time has finally come as the new single ‘Something New’ breaks.  Girls Aloud have been trending for two to three days on Twitter, their twitter profile is finally active and they are named the biggest selling girl band of this millennium.

New single Something New by Girls Aloud

Review of Girls Aloud Something New

As well as leaking ‘Something New’ which is scheduled for release on 18 November the girls also announce the release of a greatest hits album called ‘Ten’ and a UK tour.  Whats great about this return is that they have new material.  Most of the former acts that have made comebacks have just toured off the back of their name, the main exception and perhaps most successful is Take That.  So the signs of a proper comeback is potentially high.

But is the new track any good?  The first thing that strikes you is that the girls do have a bit of a different sound.  Its quite hard to say that given the variety of sounds they had previously.  But ‘Something New’ does have a pop dance type feel to it.  Definitely influenced by Cheryl‘s recent success.  The second thing that strikes you is the singing rap that Kimberley and Nicola deliver.  Definitely unexpected.

In terms of the track overall, the music is a little noisy and overpowers the vocals to a degree.  The song and lyrics are clichéd pop and the video is a little cheesy.  But, guess what? None of that matters.  Seeing Nadine, Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah together once again seems a bit weird, almost wrong given how far they came alone, but it feels even more right.  Almost like pop royalty has returned.

So as Little Mix are making their mark on the genre, in a very good way, there seems little room for another girl group.  But Girls Aloud make an immediate impact.

The track is symbolic both for music but also as a change in direction for some of the band members.  The sound is manufactured but is a genuine pop record.  It uses a real blueprint where you will definitely be reciting the song in weeks to come.  Good track and a great indication of what Girls Aloud are capable of.  I would guess that the track will be number one and well deserved.  Here’s hoping they get some renewed success and happiness.

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