Monsters by The Scribes (Review)

Review of Monsters by The Scribes

Its been a while since we covered a new up and coming Hip Hop act.  Well I had never heard of The Scribes and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the link sent to me.  But on initial listen I liked it straight away and you know what, I like it more with every play.

‘Monsters’ is a bit different from what you would normally expect in UK hip hop.  It has a US feel to the rap, although the rap is definitely from a UK standpoint.  The music arrangement is accomplished and sounds like its from a more established Hip Hop act.  The singing in the chorus adds a bit different and given the title could play a role in Halloween parties up and down the country in a few days time.

For me ‘Monsters’ has accomplished rapping, a good intro to unusual but good vocals and a strong musical backdrop.  This could be a new direction for UK hip hop, moving us away from the grime based hip hop we have now.  Or maybe its just a good addition or new angle to the whole genre.  Either way, you have to listen to The Scribes.  ‘Monsters’ is a quality tune and deserves to do well.

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