This Is Real by The Enemy (Review)

Review of This Is Real by The Enemy

The new single from The Enemy is from the band’s third album ‘Streets in the Sky’ and follows quite a big 2012, including an appearance at the FA Cup Final.

Whilst the numbers have been great for The Enemy, some critics had grown concerned that the Coventry band had lost their way and a little bit of edge.  Well if you were one of those that shared that concern, then worry no more.  ‘This Is Real’ is a triumphant return, a single that demonstrates lead singer Tom Clarke‘s vocals off to their fullest, reminding us of his distinctive voice that underpins the success of The Enemy.

Review of This Is Real by The Enemy

Review of This Is Real by The Enemy

The track is classic Enemy.  It starts off slowly, deliberately slowly as it picks up for a huge chorus, that you could see very well placed on the festival circuit.  Tom‘s vocals are backed by heavy and loud drums and guitars producing a potential anthem.

Andy Hopkins, Liam Watts and Tom Clarke promise much as a collective and the Coventry trio are proving their worth with ‘This Is Real’.  The album ‘Streets In The Sky’ has brought back the plaudits that have greeted them in the past.  For me the album is a real british rock success with bags of energy and ‘This Is Real’ being one of the standout tracks.

The Enemy are one of the best UK rock acts out there at the moment and ‘This Is Real’ is the perfect track to back that statement up.



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