Without Rhyme Or Reason by Prodigy (Review)

Review of WIthout Rhyme Or Reason by Prodigy

First off, before we go any further, if you are thinking that this is a new track by dance legends Prodigy, you are mistaken.  This track is by New York rapper and former member of Mobb Deep, Prodigy.

Without Rhyme or Reason by Prodigy

Review of Without Rhymer or Reason by Prodigy

Mobb Deep were around the same time as the likes of Jeru Tha Damaja and Wu-Tang Clan.  The real style of the time was dark beats, raw rapping and off-key piano producing a somewhat haunting style to the music.  This for me is when Hip Hop was at the top of its game.  So can Prodigy bring those heights and such accolade to his latest release?

Well, the track and the video start of with an eerie back drop of music that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie.  Prodigy spits lyrics about how he loves the rap game but he aint too keen on the external influences and the money associated with the industry.  “I love rap music, but I hate the fake lifestyle that usually comes with it” is one of the opening lines and perhaps one of the most pertinent lines to dictate the tone of the whole track.

“My creativity flows best when I aint trying to make hits” is another line that really sticks two fingers up at the industry as it is at the moment.  So Prodigy is indicating that the rap game has truly sold out and he doesn’t want any part of it.  All very credible words, but does this tune live up to it?

Well the production and rap proves Prodigy is staying true to his beliefs.  The rapping is real old skool style, the backing track has hints of old Mobb Deep but probably not as dark.  This track will not be a hit record, however, its sentiment is credible and earns Prodigy much respect from Hip Hop heads of old.

Personally, I love the rapping, buy in to the message and think the music is OK.  It could have done with the bassline being a bit heavier for me.   The video directed by Daniel Czernilofsky portrays images that really support the track ensuring a real minimalistic feel.  Good track and I look forward to hearing more from Prodigy.

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