Interview With Carter from Waves of Fury

Interview With Carter Sharp – Waves Of Fury

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to review the debut album ‘Thirst’ from Waves Of Fury. This album assailed the senses with a fresh new sound and was likened at the time to listening to Wilson Pickett and The Midnight Movers with Joe Strummer or Iggy Pop on vocals.

Waves of Fury Thirst

Waves of Fury Thirst

Yesterday I was able to catch up with Carter Sharp, lead vocalist and the creative spirit behind the band. Carter was in a relaxed mood despite a manic period that the band have been going through over the past couple of months. As well as ‘Thirst’ coming out in just a couple of weeks (see review for details) Waves Of Fury have a UK launch tour planned for November/December, a European tour in February/ March as well as a possible US tour later next year. When we get the dates we will publish these. On top of this the band are completing a couple of videos – the first shot in some railway tunnels under a station in Bath and the second in an equally dark and moody abandoned space in keeping with the dark dangerous feel of this band.

Musiceyz : “When did you and the band get together?”

Carter: ‘It was the early part of last year. I had already written a whole bunch of tracks (Carter later revealed that he had written over 30 tracks back in 2007 but had never put them together with a band) but needed a band and studio to get everything right. So, unlike most bands we started with the music before we came together.’

Musiceyz : “What inspires you in music?”

Carter: ‘For me it has to either be beautiful enough to make you cry, or make you want to dance . If it doesn’t do either of these then forget it. For Waves Of Fury its the second of these. Two things have really inspired the type of music we make – The Mary Chain and R&B Soul. When I was a kid I loved hearing music from the likes of Marvin Gaye with my favorite song being “I heard it through the grapevine” and messing around with this track and others in a recording studio I knew that I could bring back the sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in a fresh new way. I simply took the sound of R&B and mixed it with 40 years of gnarly guitar evolution. The result is what you hear in our album.’

Musiceyz : “How would you personally describe your unique sound?”

Carter : ‘The Mary Chain meets Motown’.

Musiceyz : “Any single track from another band really inspire you?”

Carter : ‘Sure is. The sound that Sonic Youth drove out when they did “I wanna be your dog” the Iggy and Stooges cover.’

Musiceyz : “So who would you liken your vocals to?”

Carter : ‘A fucked up impersonation of Wilson Pickett when he is really belting it out. The Clash were also a big influence.’

Musiceyz : “Loved the songs but any chance of the lyrics will be printed with the album?” ; )

Carter: ‘Sounds like a good idea. Need to check that one out for you.’

Musiceyz : “Your sound really hits the senses. Was this intended?”

Carter: ‘Yes – we had a limited budget to start with in the studio that a friend of mine had and we had to focus on only a couple of things. So we focused on distinctive vocals and creating an energetic sound. We used horns and rough gnarly guitar sounds ( a la Sonic Youth) to stop it being just R&B.’

Musiceyz : “So what will be most memorable about the group when we see you on stage?”

Carter: ‘You will definitely see lots of energy and fun coupled with a totally different take on R&B. You’ll also remember the dark, dangerous almost gothic influence that we have.’

Musiceyz : “Hobbies outside of music?”

Carter : ‘More music!’

Musiceyz : “When I reviewed ‘Thirst’ I likened it to eating ice cream and mushy peas. It shouldn’t work but it really does. What do you think of that meal?”

Carter: ‘I hate that shit!’

Cue the laughter and end of interview.

As soon as we get the gig list you will see it at Musiceyz.

Interview by Doug Duffin


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