Introducing Zanibar Aliens

Introducing Zanibar Aliens

It’s always cool to hear the music of a new unsigned band who are using social media to make their music heard by the masses. You won’t have heard of the Zanibar Aliens before – but this metal band are putting together some good music and publishing it on Youtube.

Introducing rockers Zanibar Aliens

Introducing rockers Zanibar Aliens

Zanibar Aliens are a teenage rock band consisting of the following:

Carl Karlsson (17 years old): Lead singer and keyboard

Filipe Karlsson (15 years old) : Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar

Diogo Braga (15 years old) : Drums

Martim Seabra (16 years old): Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar

Some great riffs and vocals from a young band starting to carve their way onto the music scene. If you like metal I’m pretty sure you will like these guys and see their potential for the future.

Two of their Youtube ‘released’ tracks:

‘Devil’s Lullaby’ :

‘The Truth’

Listen to their music and if you think that they are good (and I do) then help them on their way with a Facebook ‘like’.

By Doug Duffin


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