Yes and Natalie by Casablanca (Review)

Review of Casablanca Yes and Natalie

Review of Casablanca Yes and Natalie

Review of Yes and Natalie by Casablanca

The newly emerging Indie-pop five piece once known as Lo-Fi Culture Scene (who supported great Indie bands such as Bloc Party and The Maccabees and also featured on the festival circuit a few times) are now known as Casablanca. Not to be confused with the 1942 film or the Swedish rock band, recently released their single ‘Yes’ on the 17th of September.

The change of name and the release of their new punchy single ‘Yes’ can only mean that the boys want to push their music harder this time and make their way back onto the indie-pop scene with a synth based bang, taking more of a mature and different direction this time.

They can be compared to a whole list of already currently available past and present Indie- pop bands, and they are nothing extremely innovation lead or outwardly new, but that doesn’t normally bother too many people once it makes it into the Indie discos or onto the air waves. Casablanca has been likened strongly to something reminiscent of Friendly Fires extremely catchy, new age, highly uplifting, Indie/dance music.

The single ‘Yes’ opens exactly as listed above, it’s extremely uplifting and non-abrasive from the word go and could send many of a teenage girl dancing around her room. The synthy opening bars of the track create a floaty, slightly nostalgic, summer vibe, which makes way for a crisp drum beat and lines of harmoniously repetitive lyrics. Their use of ‘normal’ instruments such as the guitar and bass mixed with the not so normal cow bells inject some more vibrancy and euphoria, adding layers into the song that create a great progression and platform for front man Jacob Wheldon‘s mesmerising vocals. His vocals add a certain sweetness to the song that after a while you just can’t resist. All of this sets the song ‘Yes’ up to soon be a highly catchy hit, and a popular winter warmer song.

The B side ‘Natalie’ although very much recognisable as a product from the same band exhibits slightly different characteristics to the debut single ‘Yes’. This time it’s more comfortably pigeon holed into something reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club or Two Door Cinema Club. ‘Natalie’ still holds many pop and catchy summer hit elements but holds a bit more complexity and personality within it. This coupled with diverse layers of gentle riffs and beats that sound like they are bouncing back onto each other throughout the song creates a swayable and softly uplifting song. Lyrically ‘Natalie’ seems stronger but they merge well as an A and B side couple, making for two strong and highly radio friendly songs.

They are the type of songs that make sure they work their way into your head and implant themselves there, quite firmly.

Review by Carla Williams


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