Fragile Diamond by Howl Griff (Album Review)

Album Review: Fragile Diamond by Howl Griff

I had never heard of Welsh band Howl Griff when the link to their album was sent to me.  I have to admit to being intrigued by the band name though.  When doing my research I discovered the Aberystwyth formed quartet had been around since 2006, albeit with half the band being changed.

Fragile Diamond by Howl Griff

We review Fragile Diamond by Howl Griff

The album contains a bit of a psychedelic feel to it, combining a classic Brit pop (60s not Indie) sound with a real West Coast US feel.

The title track, the second on the album, is ridiculous.  It is such an infectious tune with a real festival feel to it.  I can imagine crowds at one of the less commercial festivals singing along to it with the volume up.  Whilst the album as a whole is good, really good, ‘Fragile Diamond’ the single, makes the album. It is the real uplifting track that will make you put it on repeat.

‘Sharkfins in the Sky’, ‘Runaround’ and ‘Puppet Operation Time’ are other highlights.  Runaround has an amazingly infectious, genuinely pop hook.  There have to be at least three or four tracks capable fo charting as singles on here.

There aren’t really any weak points to the album.  ‘Meet My Maker’ seems a little bit too light if I was forced to pick something to moan about. Even that is a good track though, it just seems a little out of place against the backdrop of the rest of the album.

The album closes off ‘Everything’ which uses a great sample of ‘Gotta Move On’ the strong and really tight melodies send the listener on a journey and the album ends on a mesmerising guitar solo from Gary Parkinson.  The solo sends you off in to a bit of a slumberland, almost as if your parents have finished reading the book and tucked you in.  Lovely way to finish.

The album overall is definitely one to listen to.  It contains a myriad of styles and lends from any number of genres.  Think Bowie, ELO and The Byrds.  Think 60s, 70s and contemporary pop.  Yes, this sounds like a compilation album, but the sound on ‘Fragile Diamond’ is that hard to categorise, so I won’t.

A feel good album that deserves to do well.  If you are reading this and like me had not heard of them, do what I did, give it a chance (out in October).  I promise you will love it.


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