Can You Hear Me by Wiley ft Skepta, JME and Ms D (Review)

Review of Can You Hear Me by Wiley ft Skepta, JME and Ms D

First off, Wiley has been in the game for years.  Yes he had his quiet spells but he has always been around.  He has evolved his style as he has progressed in his career and is probably one of the leaders in the grime arena at the moment.  He has kind of brought a mainstream acceptability to grime.

Wiley ft Skepta, JME and Ms D

Can You Hear Me by Wiley ft Skepta, JME and Ms D

So what is the boy up to now.  Following the smash hit Heatwave which was played over an over on its way to reaching number one, Wiley is back teaming up Ms D again for ‘Can You Hear Me’.  Skepta and JME also make an appearance with the former spitting some strong lyrics on the track.

We still await the video for this joint so we can’t pass comment on that, so this review is purely about the tune.  It kicks off in similar fashion with Ms D and Wiley combining effortless.  Wiley uses his trademark grungy rapping to get you straight in to the track and Ms D delivers a nice soulful undertone with her velvet voice.  The common piece in Ms D‘s singing Ayayaya sits nicely over the Jamaican sounds behind.

Skepta and JME deliver good verses on the track, it feels almost like the boys have been let loose on their godfather’s track.  That isn’t to do them an injustice but spit good rhymes on the track.

‘Can You Hear Me’ does have the feel of another number one.  The collaborations all add to the track and complement Wiley as opposed to some of the tracks we have heard from other artists, where it feels like they just fancy having their mates round to release a single.

Well done Wiley, you are representing London good. Great tune and a chart hit to go with it.

The track starts about 2:15 in, if you don’t want to her the chat with Annie Mac.  Let us know what you think by adding a comment below, tweeting @MusicEyz or by posting to the Music Eyz Facebook wall.


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