Your Love by Ashley Walters ft Alesha Dixon (Review)

Review of Your Love by Ashley Walters ft Alesha Dixon

So you all love a good love song right? You all love Alesha Dixon right? You all love Ashley Walters….?  Hold on, who is Ashley Walters?  Well Ashley was at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, appeared in ‘Young Indiana Jones’ and appeared in Grange Hill among others.  He was also named Best Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards.  So Ashley is an actor of some promise, why is he on Music Eyz?

Review of Your Love by Ashley Walters ft Alesha Dixon

Review of Your Love by Ashley Walters ft Alesha Dixon

Well none of that is probably what the boy Ashley is most famous for.  You all know Harvey who recently appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.  Most of you know Lisa Maffia and you may remember we interviewed Megaman all from So Solid Crew.  Well Ashley Walters is probably better known as Asher D one the MCs in the group.

So Ashley Walters has been signed up by Simon Webbe of Blue to record on his label SK.  This collaboration with Alesha Dixon, released on 28th October, holds some promise but does it deliver.

Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon features on Ashley Walters new track

Well we have to remind ourselves that Alesha Dixon is a singer.  No reflection of her performance on here, which incidentally is very good, but because she seems so synonmous with those Saturday night talent shows (Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly) now.  Also, I think she has become as well known for her manic laugh as her singing voice.

When you think of So Solid you expect the pretty gritty grimey rhymes, well stop right there, Ashley doesn’t go all gangsta on this one.  In fact he delivers some mature smooth radio friendly rhymes and adds a sung rap in the tune as well.

The track is a real mellow number with Ashley combining well in terms of tone and style with the accomplished Alesha Dixon.  The chorus sung by Alesha is a real pop hook, Alesha delivers with real aplomb.  Asher D, sorry Ashley delivers a good rap and the song overall is a definite radio friendly hit.

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