Fire by Tina Barrett (Review)

Review of Fire by Tina Barrett

‘Aint No Party Like an S Club Party’ that was how many of us remember Tina Barrett and her 90s band mates S Club 7.  The band put together by the man sacked by Spice Girls, Simon Fuller, were instant hits.  The group had their own TV show, which spawned many squeaky clean pop hits.  Songs such as ‘Reach’ and ‘Don’t Stop Moving’ epitomised the pure pop of their sound.

Review of Fire by Tina Barrett

Review of Fire by Tina Barrett former S Club 7 member

Now Tina Barrett is back, almost in the face of continued rumours of a full S Club reunion, with her single ‘Fire’ which she is putting out there without the help of a label.  The reaction to her on YouTube has been mixed, but when you watch the video, it is obvious that Tina has grown up and is almost as far removed from the squeaky clean pop of S Club as you could imagine, both in terms of the music and her look.

If I am not mistaken the video contains Mr Ray Winstone.  If it isn’t him, it looks similar.

The single itself is not what I would have expected from Tina, who for me was one of the more quiet ones in S Club.  Its a real upbeat number, with quite a distinctive sound to her voice.  The music is more akin to a dance track than a pop song.  In fact I can already imagine quite a few mixes for the dancefloors.

Tina‘s voice has been treated in the single, but this doesn’t detract.  It is a lively number with some good parts in the verses and an impressive chorus.  The way Tina has set about creating a distinctive sound to her voice is to be commended.  I think the production on the music loses its way a bit towards the end, with an almost experimental feel as the dance tune seems to overwrite itself.

This isn’t a deep and meaningful single.  Tina Barrett‘s voice comes across very well and it is a pretty catchy number that deserves a chart entry.  With some decent backing she could get the chart place this single deserves.

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7 thoughts on “Fire by Tina Barrett (Review)

  1. Tina Barrett?! OMG – didn’t she strip off for Loaded or FHM or something? Attention seeker, terrible song and the worse in S Club 7

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