Do You Think Of Me by Misha B (Review)

Review of Do You Think Of Me by Misha B

Remember what you loved about Misha B during last year’s series of the X Factor? For most of us it was the fun she had while singing.  Her ability to make a contemporary pop song by creating a fusion of good singing and credible rap.  The other element was her amazing voice which allowed her to belt out a song.

Review of Misha B

Review of Do You Think Of Me by Misha B

Her last single ‘Home Run’ which we reviewed was more along the pop/rap hybrid.  ‘Do You Think of Me’ seems to combine the other two elements, Misha B having great fun but also her becoming a bit of a soul diva and belting out her lyrics with her solid voice.  There is still more to come from Misha B and whilst this song is great, she can still extend her voice further.

‘Do You Think Of Me’ seems to focus on the break-up of a relationship and Misha sings of how she has dealt with it.  The thrux of the chorus is her enquiring whether the other half actually even thinks about her in the post of break-up.

Misha B really delivers in the verses, whilst some elements are a little repetitive this doesn’t get in the way of the fact this track is a triumph.  The tune mixes up the sound from a bit poppy to pretty decent Ibiza sounding dance tones in the background on the chorus.  I love the way she delivers the line “Its Been Too Long” the way the line is delivered shows real passion.  So much so, you start to believe the track is written by her as the result of a personal experience.

We loved ‘Home Run’ but this tops it.  ‘Do You Think Of Me’ is a great single and proves that Misha B has a place at the top table of pop.

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