Music Eyz Interview with Tanita Tikaram

Interview With Tanita Tikaram

British singer/songwriter Tanita Tikaram is back.  Her first studio album in seven years, ‘Can’t Go Back’, was released on 3 September.

Interview with Tanita Tikaram

Music Eyz Interview with Tanita Tikaram

‘Can’t Go Back’ is a triumph of a release and celebrates Tanita‘s unique voice.  The album contains tracks with a variety of sounds and has real hints of Motown, country and folk.  The album is definitely one for the purists.  Fans of Tanita will be salivating while they listen and those new to her sound will relish in her mesmerising voice.  If you want a feel for the album, listen to the first release from the album ‘Dust On My Shoes’.

Also check out our interview with Tanita Tikaram which was recorded last week in Camden, London.

Interview by Georgie Starkie


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