The Walls Of The World by Katie Melua (Review)

Review of The Walls Of The World by Katie Melua

Katie Melua is a singer/songwriter who has consistently received plaudits from the critics for all her music.  Katie born in Georgia, became a British citizen in 2005, two years after her debut album.  After a two year gap, Katie is back with a brand new album and this great new track ‘The Walls of the World’ her new single.

Review Katie Melua The Walls of the World

Review of Katie Melua The Walls of the World

The first thing that strikes you when the track opens up is just how beautiful the composition of the music is.  There is no synth, no studio sound effects, no increase in the pitch.  This is real music.  Katie opens up in to her singing after a short intro and again, her voice sounds really pure.  This is uncomplicated and not fussy. Essentially Katie is letting her voice take you on a journey.

The lyrics are lovely.  Exploring her deep feelings and love for the recipient of the song.  The song also shows that the love is true and not just a way of filling emptiness, this is epitomised by the line “and I know I’m not a loser when I am on my own”.  Regardless of how deep you want to read in to the words or potential messages, this is a stunning piece of music.

Katie Melua delivers one of the finest purest tracks I have heard this year.  If I was asked to sum up Katie Melua, I would probably recommend you listen to this track.  Its a perfect mould of Katie and a great track to listen to.

Accompanied by a lovely video, shot in Norway and featuring scenes from live shows, it kind of backs up the lovely tone to the single.  I really recommend you listen to the track it is a triumph and evidence that Katie Melua is back and teaching the music industry a thing or two.

‘The Walls Of The World’ is out on 17 September, 2012.  In the meantime watch the video below.

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