Trouble by Leona Lewis (Review)


Review of Trouble by Leona Lewis

Its been a while since we had a new one from Leona Lewis, but my god, it was worth the wait.  The opening few lines shows off Leona‘s voice to a level that most singers in today’s crowded market can only dream of achieving.  Then as the pace kicks in and the piano raises a level, Leona blows us away ramping the chorus out with an enormous amount of power.

Review of Trouble by Leona Lewis

Review of new single Trouble by Leona Lewis

The range Leona Lewis displays in this track are her trademark.  It has everything from soft and beautiful light singing as if she is the world’s best lullaby singer.  Her mid-range is outstanding and shows perfect pitch and then the power comes in.  Unlike a lot of her peers she doesn’t just shout, she just sings using a level that nobody in the world can match.

OK, so this sounds just like a critique of Leona‘s singing.  The song is itself is really good as well.  It is a slow song as you would expect to help Leona fire out the singing, but it isn’t just some soppy ballad.  The bizarre thing is the video and track I was listening to is a live version of the track, but it sounds better than most singers recorded tracks.

The song is great and deserves to top the charts.  The only thing that puzzles me about Leona Lewis is why she isn’t celebrated the world over as the amazing singer she is.  Taking nothing away from Adele or Jessie J who have celebrated success in the US, but Leona is head and shoulders above them both.

Leona Lewis – great singer, great single, an absolute triumph for British music.

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