Let Live by Kei-Shon-Son (Review)

Review of Let Live by Kei-Shon-Son

Now I won’t fib to you, I had never heard of Kei-Shon-Son before the link to this video hit the offices of Music Eyz.  So who is he?  Well apparently we have been on a different planet because the boy has released ten projects in the past three years giving him a worldwide following (or so we are told).


Review of Let Live by KEI-SHON-SON

Well Kei-Shon-Son was born and raised in Long Beach, California, quite a fruitful place for great Hip Hop. ‘Let Live’ is the lead single from his forthcoming nine track EP ‘Sub-Conscience’.

On listening to the track, it isn’t one of your standard Long Beach Hip Hop numbers.  The track opens a bit weirdly with an almost growly lyrical delivery.  The rest of the track is unusual as well with Kei-Shon-Son creating an almost unique style of melodic rhyming.  Don’t get me wrong it isn’t one of those pop singing rap songs or Hip-Pop as we call it.

The track is unmistakably Hip Hop and with a backing track that leans on trying to gain some commercial appeal.  Who can blame him, with the work ethic he obviously has he probably deserves a shot.  I love the off key element to the music, giving it that difference that makes you want to listen.

The boy definitely has talent, the whole video was shot on a standard Canon 5d DSLR camera, no expensive high production.  The rapping is done to a good standard.  Whilst Kei-Shon-Son won’t be challenging the likes of Snoop in the Cali Hip Hop Hall of Fame, he is showing potential.

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