Hottest Girl In The World by JLS (Review)

Review of Hottest Girl In The World

Its been a while since we last heard from JLSJB has become a tractor driving farmer. Marvin has gone and got himself married to Rochelle from girl group The SaturdaysOritse has turned to managing his girl friends band VidaAston, well he has been, um, enjoying himself.

Review of Hottest Girl in the World by JLS

We review Hottest Girl in the World by JLS

But the news that all JLSters (thats JLS fans to those older folk) was recently announced.  The new JLS album entitled ‘Evolution’ will be launch on 5 November.  Their single ‘Hottest Girl in the World’ is starting to get played ahead of its release 21st October.

As the album title indicates the boys have gone through somewhat of an evolution to get to their new material.  This evolution was necessary as the boys developed but also as they had fierce competition from the pure pop boy band segment in the form of One Direction and The Wanted.  We said some months back that JLS had to evolve or be eaten by the One Direction juggernaut.  We also said they should adopt a more RnB flavour, which ‘Hottest Girl In The World’ seems to hint at.

So while we feel rather smug about the whole prediction thing, we thought we should probably review the single.

The departure from the soft ballads and easy listening pop is the first thing you notice.  As soon as you hit play a sampled almost ragga/hip hop sample pops in.  Then Aston delivers some vocals that has a hint of Prince to it.  The band mates jump in with some melodies that are reminiscent of, but better delivered than, N-Sync.  The similarities don’t end there, Aston‘s vocals lean in to a Justin Timberlake type sound later on.

The single has its obvious message, with the boys telling a girl that they are “the hottest girl in the world right now”.  Maybe a bit of a strange line for the hoards of female JLSters to be singing, but I am sure they won’t mind.

The whole track seems a lot more grown up.  The vocals and melodies are well put together and provides a credible RnB/Pop fusion.  The main criticism of the track would be that their seems too much emphasis on the auto-tuning.  Lets be honest we all heard the boys audition and they don’t need it.  The track is very studio produced with sometimes over powering backing track and I wouldn’t mind betting the auto-tuned chorus has been sped up a little.

However, don’t let those points put you off.  If you like JLS you will love this.  If you aren’t a fan of JLS because you aren’t keen on the teen boy band type thing.  Give this one a listen.  The boys have definitely evolved their style and moved away from what you know them for.  They have produced a good RnB and carved themself another niche.

Good track JLS and a guaranteed number one (unless you come up against Chris Moyles), good luck with it all.

When an official stream or video comes out we will put it on the site.  For now though, search on YouTube and let us know what you think.


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