Happy by DJ Yoda ft Boy George (Review)

Review of Happy by DJ Yoda ft Boy George

At the risk of showing my age, I can just about remember Boy George in his Culture Club days.  I was really young and didn’t particularly understand the fuss around him or how big a statement he was making by wearing make-up and feminine clothes.  Well since those days Boy George has been rocking the decks and is a major DJ in his own right.

Happy by DJ Yoda ft Boy George

Review of Happy by DJ Yoda ft Boy George

So it actually seems quite natural that he has teamed up with an experimental DJ like Yoda.

The track is what you would expect from DJ Yoda.  It contains lots of futuristic synths, and is complemented by Boy George‘s vocal.  Whilst you can’t put your finger on it, the track is actually a very uplifting feel good single.  The title is apt because it does just make you feel happy.

The lyrics are simple, but Boy George delivers them with aplomb.  The periodic scratches in DJ Yoda‘s production are used as an instrument and definitely add a layer to the track.  The video also uses some tricks that we have seen on DJ Yoda‘s work before, quick snips from clip to clip.

Whilst the track may not reach number one, its not down to the quality.  To be honest to see Boy George so happy in the video is enough.  Everybody should give this a listen. You may just play it over and over and over again. I love it this tune.

The track is on DJ Yoda‘s new album ‘Chop Suey’ which is released on 5 November 2012.

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3 thoughts on “Happy by DJ Yoda ft Boy George (Review)

  1. I luved!! It’s so amazing!!

    basically is one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen.
    it’s really enough to see him so Happy !!

  2. I’m not a English speaker ,so I can’t understand very well the complete lyric ,please if some could upload the lyric I ‘ll be so grarteful.
    tnanks a lot.

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